Killer Christmas, killer plush toy, hockey zombies, and a mob ghost

It’s a variety of horror comedies in my latest movie marathon, and I actually had fun with three out of four, so let’s find out which ones.


Featuring one of those mostly self-contained scenarios with limited characters, It Cuts Deep is a Christmas horror comedy, so it’s another on for the holiday horror movie page.

The intro scene grabbed my horror attention, with two young teens in a bedroom being interrupted by someone with a machete.

Then we meet a guy taking his girl to his old family home for a quiet Christmas vacation to evaluate their relationship. She wants to get married and have kids, he wants anal sex. And I so did laugh at the adolescent jokes that ensued.

Yes, he’s a goofy dude who hasn’t quite grown up, but he also definitely has experienced something traumatic in his past that’s holding him back.

And then they run into his creepy as hell childhood friend who inserts himself into their private time together. The girlfriend welcomes it, but the main guy clearly doesn’t trust his old friend.

Things begin to escalate as the main guy becomes paranoid about the old friend’s erratic, psychotic behavior, but the girlfriend never witnesses any of it.

There’s plenty of humor mixed with some odd situations that keep you wondering where this is all leading, which, naturally, is a bloody finale.


Imagine if Elmo ran around gleefully slashing people up with a knife and you have this silly little horror comedy.

The opening scene is deliciously dark, and involves a little girl terrified of her teddy bear, and a mother who just doesn’t have the patience for it.

Then we meet a dude in his thirties who still lives with his parents, plays video games, and is a failure at work.

But that all changes when he wakes up one day to discover that someone has murdered all his teddy bears overnight. Teehee.

It’s Benny, his favorite childhood toy! And Benny doesn’t stop there. Benny murders anyone he feels is stunting the main guy’s growth.

The fun thing about Benny Loves You is that this isn’t your usual killer doll movie. Benny isn’t a mean, scary, or wise-cracking killer doll. He is totally joyful and naive to the evil he’s doing as he bounces around cheerfully hacking up his victims. I guess that’s why it’s so hard for our main guy to put any effort into stopping the insanity…


It’s unfortunate that so many indie horror comedies get lost in the shuffle, because there are plenty of charming and funny little gems out there, and zomcom Ahockalypse is one of them for me.

The opening scene is the perfect warmup. A big daddy bear tough guy working late at the office whips out his hockey stick when his building is infiltrated by zombies.

Next we meet dudes on a hockey team. After a quick game, they celebrate in a hotel. We get some hot man ass, some hot man bod, and then the team learns quickly that there are zombies running amok outside.

It’s hockey hotties and funny guys vs. zombies, landing this one on the sausage fest scares page. One dude in particular is a fantastic comic actor, and it’s hinted at that his character is itching to go gay, but surprisingly, he never comes to terms with it.

But as they battle zombies, the guys do run around in just their undies for a while, and are forced by a guy who owns a strip club to get up and dance for him, and the never admittedly gay guy goes all out.

Sadly, two of the hunkiest and hottest guys, one who is quite funny in a burnout surfer dude kind of way, are killed way too early in the film in my big gay opinion.

There are some funny girls along for the ride, and even a girl-on-girl kiss, and the gang has to battle a variety of zombies in different situations (taking on zombie kids is the best). It all leads to a final battle on the ice rink at the end.


Polterheist is labeled as a horror comedy, but the moments of good British humor are few and far between. On top of that, it’s just horrendously boring despite a promising premise and likable characters.

Two mobsters are almost killed by another bunch of mobsters their boss stole money from. They cut a deal…find the money and return it by a specific deadline or else.

Problem is they killed their boss!

Sooo…they go to a medium and force her to make contact with their boss so they can ask him where he hid the money.

The boss hops into the medium and goes on an excursion with them to find the money.

Sounds like fun, right? I don’t know what went wrong here, but the film just lacks, like…everything. After some super promising moments early on, it is astonishingly bland. I feel like maybe it would be more appealing to mob movie fans than, well, me.

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