If the Zuni fetish doll had a younger brotha, he’d be Ooga Booga!


Holy crap. It’s been 40 years since Karen Black and an evil little loincloth-wearing monster with a spear made horror history!!! As a sort of anniversary celebration, this year, one of Karen’s finale appearances was in Ooga Booga, an homage to our favorite Zuni fetish doll…and a tale about the evils of racial profiling.

A porn loving, alcoholic kiddie show host named Hambo gets fired. But Hambo don’t care! He has a plan to make millions. He’s going to market the most insanely offensive dolls ever. There’s a crack whore, a shitty Asian driver, a redneck, a butt pirate, and a pot smoking tribal doll called Ooga Booga.


Hambo gives his young black buddy Devin an Ooga Booga doll as a gift. Devin ends up in a convenience store (with Ooga Booga under his arm) when a trio of white thugs holds up the place and shoots the clerk. While Devin is trying to save the clerk, an asshole racist white cop (named Officer White) kills him. But thanks to a faulty Slushee machine, Devin’s soul does a Charles Lee Ray and transfers into Ooga Booga! What do you want? It’s a Full Moon Feature.

Actually I expected a lot more awesome stupidity from Full Moon. Sadly, Ooga Booga/Devlin doesn’t go crazy and just start killing crackers in inventive and crude ways. He’s set on specific payback for prejudice. Ooga Booga/Devin seeks his girlfriend’s help in getting revenge against the white establishment, headed by Stacy Keach.

When Ooga Booga takes care of business while watching his lady shower, it’s a scene that should set the tone for the whole film, but doesn’t. And even with all the white characters being low-life racist scum, there is barely any slaughter until the end! WTF? Enough with the social commentary. Kill them cracker be-otches, Ooga Booga!


As a novel way to save the film, Karen Black gets shoehorned into the script for some retro fun. Ooga Booga chases her with his spear, rehashing key Zuni doll vs. Karen moments to satisfy us Trilogy of Terror fans. It seriously feels like the whole movie was created just to bring us to this point.

Ooga Booga better let loose if there’s a sequel. I want tons of bloody white meat!

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