Horror Humor! Monster Man in a Killer Pad


I love goofy comic actor Eric Jungmann. He has appeared on numerous TV shows and in teen flicks like Varsity Blues and Not Another Teen Movie. But I’m more a fan because of his horror resume! He was a background player in The Faculty, has appeared on shows like Roswell and True Blood, and was also one of the stars of the short-lived remake of the Night Stalker series. But Eric gets the spotlight in a couple of horror movies.



First there’s the comedy horror Killer Pad—which happens to have been directed by ROBERT ENGLUND.

This buddy movie is a horror-themed comedy—with plenty of kills and gore! Three dudes move into a sweet pad in L.A. and throw a party, not realizing the place is a gateway to hell. Guests start dying and Joey Lawrence shows up…as Joey Lawrence! He doesn’t do much but look fine and poke fun at himself. But it’s all worth it to watch him become the leading man in a sort of homage to Weekend at Bernie’s.

killer pad bod

This adolescent humor flick has poop gross outs, hot chicks and lesbianism, a little man in leather chaps, an Asian drag queen, a “Mexican” messenger of doom, a too cool dog, a head-banging priest performing Kiss’s “Rock and Roll All Night,” a modern remix of the Madness hit “Our House” (with a rap), Daniel Franzese (the awesome gay dude from Mean Girls, the gay bear from Looking, and the hillbilly from the I Spit On Your Grave remake), Lin Shaye in a cameo that adds to her incredible character actor status, and demon gals—including the queen of one-liners and a devil chick with a dick.

killer pad devil



The horror comedy Monster Man is a sleazy-funny-scary movie. It’s like Evil Dead 2, Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jeepers Creepers, and House of 1000 Corpses all rolled into one.

Eric Jungmann is on a road trip when he finds out he has a stowaway—his ex-friend. This ex-friend is a stocky, prank-pulling loudmouth, played perfectly by Justin Ulrich, who has appeared in plenty of horror: The Rage: Carrie 2, Horror 101, Serial Killing 4 Dummys, and Lake Placid 2.

monster man cast

Before long, the guys are being followed by a mysterious black hearse. Soon after that, they’re being chased by a wickedly cool monster truck that clearly wants to stomp them. The beginning of Monster Man is comedy, with a bit of creeps and gore thrown in now and then to keep you waiting for something major to happen on the horror side. The payoff comes when Eric Jungmann has a freaky run-in with a glory hole in a disgusting gas station restroom. The guys soon come face-to-face with the monster truck…and the monster inside.

monster man monster

Monster Man is one of my all-time favorite horror comedies. I’d say it’s a must-see if you’re a horror fan. Killer Pad is one you might just want to watch if it appears on cable and you’re bored. Although, I don’t think it has ever been on cable. It really should be. It really has that cable time killer feel.

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