Halloween: choose your own adventure

halloween box

I don’t know if there has ever been a horror franchise with more branching storylines and alternate endings. There are so many ways to watch the Halloween franchise.

You could make it pure and simple.


You could just watch the first two films and leave it at Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis dying in the hospital explosion. You also have the option of watching the original Halloween II ending or watching the “Jimmy lives” TV ending and imagining Jimmy and Laurie living happily ever after.

H1 and H2

You could watch the Jamie Lloyd story. You could pretend Jamie is locked away for good after Halloween 4. Or you could pretend she’s killed by Michael Myers and the mysterious man in black at the end of Halloween 5. Or you could take a trip to lala land and get into the whole curse of Thorn ending. And even then you could watch the cut in which we are left to assume Dr. Loomis went back in and was killed my Michael or watch the cut in which it appears Dr. Loomis will now carry on the cult.

H1 to H6

And of course, you could pretend Jamie and Thorn never existed, just like the producers did. Finally, after 20 years, Laurie gets closure.

H1 to H2O

Go this route and Laurie can rest in peace at last while Michael lives on.

H1 to res

And now you can even ignore most of the movies and completely cut down Laurie’s family tree in the process. Forget the fact that Laurie had two other kids in two different branches, and follow this branch in which she has a completely different daughter and isn’t even Michael Myers’ sister.

But with so many questions left unanswered in so many of these scenarios, you can take the most fatalistic approach and just put an end to Halloween all together with this….


Listen to the man and just STOP IT! before…

H3 tom

this can happen….

RZ halloween



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2 Responses to Halloween: choose your own adventure

  1. joshuaskye says:

    John Carpenter’s Halloween is, of course, a classic. Everything about it is masterful. Halloween II, I’m afraid, just doesn’t live up to it and tends to bore the hell out of me. Halloween III is my favorite of the series, I love it! I’m a sucker for parts 4 and 5, as wild and wacky as they are. Curse is awful, just awful. H20 kicks ass!!! I loved it, absolutely loved it. And that is where the franchise should have stopped. Resurrection was the lowest point of the series, even with its moments of gothic goodness… Michael following a dude dressed up as him through a dark, creepy house? Greatness! Too bad the rest of the movie is pure crap! When I saw Rob Zombie’s remake in the theatre, I walked away really liking it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold up on repeat viewings. I watched it again last night, and was just turned off by the entire fiasco… mostly Zombie’s dialogue – it’s childishly ridiculous. Don’t even get me started on his sequel. Appalling! Would I see another one? Yes.

  2. Daniel says:

    Ha! I love it. I would totally see another one as well…in a second!

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