Grindhouse goes gay with Father’s Day


If you prefer something grittier than shirtless hotties and drag queens prettying up and camping up gay horror, you might want to check out the gruesome grindhouse flick Father’s Day from Troma. I was wary going into it because of the heavy subject matter, but I put my mind into the zone and just went for it. I came out on the other end pretty much considering it the best Troma film I’d ever seen.

It’s awesome to see a nasty flick so brazenly go for the gay without trying to be sexy. From a hustler giving a BJ on the street before beating the dude, to the fat, four-eyed psycho killer raping fathers and eating their wieners, this is pure, repulsive exploitation.


Our first hero is the hustler, who is conveniently named Twink. Our second hero is a priest (pretty damn gay so far, huh?). The ultimate hero, Ahab, is a straight (bummer), bearded, furry-chested rogue stud with an eye-patch. The threesome sets out on a sleazy journey of drug trips, bloody disgusting gore, strip clubs, and gay and straight sex to find the fat four-eyed psycho killer. You can look forward to chainsaw and dildo fights, car chases, penis self-mutilation (totally TROMA-tizing), cannibalism, necrophilia, explicit dismemberment, Satanists, man sack, man butt, boobs, and an awesome 80s-sounding synth score.

fathers day kill

Just when you think this trash can’t get any better, the trio goes to hell to face a big fat ugly demon that has “possession” of Ahab’s sister. Star Wars geeks will appreciate this part. The time in hell comes complete with cheesy “special effects,” Lloyd Kaufman as God, and a sexy angel man.


Despite all this immoral perversion, Father’s Day is an awesome comedy! I didn’t expect it to have a sense of humor, and I am shocked at how much I loved it. The filmmakers—Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski, star Adam Brooks, star Matthew Kennedy, and star Conor Sweeney (collectively known as Astron-6), also made a movie called Manborg, which I blogged about here.

And here are the guys of Astron-6.

astron 6 guys nekkid

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