Enter The Devil’s Carnival…and be prepared to sing!

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The Devil’s Carnival appears to be a horror musical in installments. Part 2 and 3 are on the way. If you’ve seen Repo! The Genetic Opera, you’ll feel right at home, because they are both directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who has also handled numerous installments of the Saw franchise.

The Devil’s Carnival has a cool cast.

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Sean Patrick Flannery of Dexter and the Dead Zone TV show starts things off right, because he’s shirtless in the first scene.

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Briana Evigan of Mine Games, Mother’s Day remake, and Sorority Row remake is hot as ever, but pretty much puts none of her Step Up franchise dance moves to use! WTF?

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Marc Senter of Cabin Fever 2, Tales of Halloween, and Starry Eyes plays a deliciously demonic leather boy.

devils carnival devil.jpeg The devil himself has that classic evil look that I adore and he narrates the tale of various people paying for their sins at this scary carnival.

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Monsters and creepy clowns sing and a Lady Gaga-looking chick does a Lady Gaga-esque performance.

Problem is…I don’t like the music. It’s the same problem I had with Repo and a couple of other horror musicals. I get that it’s a horror musical, but the music is nonstop obnoxious carnival-inspired stuff. I love musicals when the music moves me. I don’t want a musical that features songs in place just to get across what could have been said in dialogue. Pop that shit up so the melody gets stuck in my head! Throw in a dance beat. Rock out with some catchy punk chords. Actually GET Gaga! Something to make me want to revisit the music again and again. Seriously.

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