Direct to DVD and Streaming: the killer creatures of Jeff Leroy

After blogging about Jeff Leroy’s film Creepies, I knew it was imperative that I see the sequel, along with more of his bad creature features, I also discovered I’d already blogged about a few of them! I covered Unseen Evil 2 here, and The Witch’s Sabbath in my Ron Jeremy horror blog…the same place I’d covered Creepies. 

Now, along with covering Creepies 2, I take on Jeff’s 2000 film about a killer cult and his 2011 killer mutant rat movie.


screaming cover

This early film by Jeff demonstrates that I prefer when he’s doing goofy, giant mutated critter movies.

screaming opener

After getting off on the right foot with a cheesy CGI homage to Cannibal Holocaust and a woman being chased and stabbed by a bunch of cult members before being grabbed by a huge tongue in an elevator, the movie delves into a guy obsessed with his hot landlord.

screaming cult chase

And delves…and delves…and delves…

screaming tongue

Aside from an occasional occult ritual scene and the appearance of a major devil monster (cheesy CGI again), the movie is just an exercise in tedium as the guy talks religion and philosophy with the landlord while working out with her for most of the film.

screaming exercise

Finally, at the end, there’s loads of silly demonic monster and cult chaos.

screaming demon face

Plus, the flying CGI beast returns for one last ritual.

screaming devil


creepies 2 cover

Beginning with the intro credits recapping the first movie, this flick is pretty much an extension of it.

creepies 2 noshirtattack

Now spiders big and small have migrated from LA to Las Vegas. The sequel takes place mostly in a casino…that looks like a set created in a church basement.

creepies 2 casino table

This cheesy Vegas has Elvis impersonators and a handful of main characters trapped in the casino by the spiders like the band in the first movie.

creepies 2 elvis

Meanwhile, the army once again takes on the giant spiders, this time on Las Vegas Boulevard.

creepies 2 big spider

My hubby walked in and saw the models on screen, and without knowing what I was watching, said, “Hey, they stole this from Godzilla.”

Clearly, Jeff Leroy accomplished what he was going for.

creepies 2 mech

There’s some faux 80s metal, boobs, a huge spider emerging from va-jay-jay, icky goofy gore, and even a cheap B-movie model version of a Pacific Rim robot fighting the giant spider.


rat scratch fever cover

Jeff takes his z-grade madness to awesome new lows with Rat Scratch Fever, and not just because he gave it a title that plays off the name of Ted Nugent’s biggest hit ever. Okay, so maybe you don’t know what song I’m talking about, and that’s mostly because that mental case loser never had a big fucking hit until he joined a band named after us damn northerners.

rat scratch fever op#5FA42D

If you think spiders battling Hot Wheels cars are bad, you won’t be able to handle actual rats on green screen battling actual humans on a green screen volcanic planet, which is where this cheese fest starts us (eek! Better not say cheese too much or the rats will come for me).

One female astronaut escapes the planet and returns to earth…after she discovers there are baby rats on her spaceship and they crawl up her birthing canal. I’m not making this up. And yes I did say birthing canal.

rat scratch fever sp#5FA456

Back home, the military has been monitoring the space mission, led by a flamboyant doctor that’s more like a comic book villain, with a painted white face, hood, sunglasses, gloves, and altered voice. Also present is rat snatch chick’s boyfriend, who is desperate to find her.

rat scatch fever villain

Trashy low budget space nonsense aside, this is actually a damn good video nasty. Rat snatch returns home to her man and becomes a blood hungry killer…whose head splits open to reveal a big rat head when she attacks. Awesome.

rat scratch fever he#5FA490

However, this being a Jeff Foley flick, we get a big giant rat city attack sequence, and once again, a Pacific Rim robot gets in on the battle.

rat scratch fever mech

When that’s done, it’s back to humans vs. giant rats as their safe house is invaded by the big creatures.

rat scratch fever cast

I so want a whole flick focused solely on Rat Snatch. And I want it to be called Rat Snatch Fever.

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