Dancing to Death: Rave Party Massacre vs. Zombie Spring Breakers

One’s a slasher, one’s a zombie flick, both titles sound like a total blast. So which party would I rather attend?


rave party massacre cover

Running only 77 minutes long and centering on kids stalked by a masked killer with an axe at a rave in 1992, Rave Party Massacre could so easily be a nonstop slasher party.

rave party massacre dead wall paint

It’s visually crafted in classic slasher style with perfect horror atmosphere and tone. The rave scene alone is a fun throwback, complete with the spirit of the day—dancing, drugs, sexual desire, and even a gay couple slutting it up on the dance floor together to torment a horny girl.

rave party massacre gays

Oh how I wish these pretty boys had been a part of the full cast and not just a couple of extras.

rave party massacre dancing SKULL

Problem is the film attempts to delve into a much bigger story than it needs to—or is capable of living up to. The underlying theme is politically charged, delving into conspiracy theories and the threat of the New World Order.

rave party massacre killer appears

It’s such a major undertaking to present in a simple slasher setting that the entire point has to be spelled out by a news reporter during a voice-over sequence after the closing credits begin.

rave party massacre pill

Why would a huge political plot lead a killer to stalk kids at a rave, you ask? Well, don’t. It would actually be easier to overlook the whole message of the movie and just enjoy it for the slasher elements.

rave party massacre throat slice

But even in that aspect, the kids spend the first 40 minutes of the movie freaking out as they try to get out of the hospital where the rave took place…before they’re even aware there’s a killer after them.

Finally a masked guy with an axe shows up. Yet despite the kills being handled expertly, there’s more chasing in the film than death sequences, so in the end not even the slasher elements deliver…or live up to the title Rave Party Massacre. If only those gays had stuck around, they could have brought more life to the death party.

rave party massacre killer in red

The film was originally titled DeadThirsty…which would explain why the title was changed before release, because it also doesn’t live up to the original title! The film essentially paints itself into a corner.

ZOMBIE SPRING BREAKERS (aka: Ibiza Undead) (2016)

zombie spring breakers cover

Next it’s off to Ibiza, for the after hours club scene…when it’s always best if the straights go home and leave the real partying to the gays. Unfortunately, the straighties in Zombie Spring Breakers step into gay territory…

zombie spring breakers leads

zombie spring breakers gay and zombie at club

The zombie outbreak has begun, and a bunch of buddies decides to get away from it all by traveling to the exotic island…where the gay owner of the club has zombies shipped in to use as part of the attraction (the very first zombie attack is gay on gay!).

zombie spring breakers gay abductee

So when our lovable, horny main boys go out to party, they get to witness everything from dancing zombies in cages to bodacious babes hacking zombies up on stage with a chainsaw. What could go wrong?

zombie spring breakers first zombie

The dance floor outbreak is awesomely crazy thanks to the flashes of colorful club lights.

zombie spring breakers horde

The zombie makeup is cool and there’s even an underwater zombie scene (but no shark).

zombie spring breakers underwater

There are plenty of funny moments, including good old teen sexploitation humor, and the gay club owner gets the hots for one of the main guys. Plus, there’s a hottie with a body.

zombie spring breakers hottie body 2Don’t move a muscle! And keep your mouth just like that…

zombie spring breakers hottie body 1

There’s also a gnarly arm sawing scene that goes on forever!

zombie spring breakers arm saw

The only issue is that the action is a little slow for quite a while, and the film is almost an hour and forty minutes.

zombie spring breakers first zombie

Losing 10 to 15 minutes early on could have quickened the pace and really tightened up the fun flow. But I still had a good enough time with this one to add it to my movie collection.

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