Bonejangles jangled my funny bone

bonejangles cover

Half of my decision-making when tossing Prime horror movies into my watchlist is based on the poster art. So when Bonejangles caught my eye, I figured that with such a menacing image and a hokey play on words for a title, it simply had to be a really crappy, low-budget indie slasher. I immediately added it to my watchlist.

bonejangles behind kill

What I got was so much better than the piece of shit I was hoping for. The film just immerses itself in horror fun: a charming comic duo, cheesy and campy humor, loads of references to other horror movies, over-the-top characters that unapologetically poke fun at their stereotypes, gore, nudity, Reggie Bannister in a small role…and that’s just for starters.

bonejangles reggie

Bonejangles starts off with a classic 80s vibe. A night watchman hears a news report about an escaped killer on the radio…as he goes to check out a strange noise. When the ominous Bonejangles shows up and the brutality begins, I assumed I was in for a surprise slasher treat.

bonejangles killer

Next thing I know, we’re dealing with a burnout hipster cop and all-American virgin cop who are absolutely terrified because they have to go search the building for the killer. I did not see the comedy coming.

bonejangles duo

Joining the two as they are handed the responsibility of transporting the psycho killer to a facility in another town are a tough talking female cop and a very pretty, very queenie gay cop—who spends a lot of time in his undies. He also lands this flick on the die, gay guy, die! page.

bonejangles gay

When they reach the town, this foursome is pretty much split up for the remainder of the film…because shit gets CRAZY!

bonejangles chase

This is no ordinary slasher comedy. It’s midnight movie monster madness!

bonejangles witch

A psycho killer hunting down campers…backwoods hillbillies…a witch…a curse…a succubus…a shotgun wedding (literally, the hot groom has a shotgun)…zombies…WTF?

bonejangles zombies

bonejangles chainsaw head

Plus, there plenty of cute, shirtless guys.

bonejangles tent man

bonejangles chainsaw man

It’s the kind of madness my scattered brain needs. So I totally ordered the DVD after it was over.

bonejangles cast

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