Bite Marks is my kind of gay horror-comedy


I’m thinking Bite Marks might be my favorite of all the gay horror films in my collection. Men and monsters are all cute or hot. Plus, it’s gory, scary, sexy, funny, pays homage to other horror movies—and never really resorts to gay movie clichés. It’s a spoof, not campy, over-the-top flamboyant humor. In fact, I think that any straight horror fans who can handle a couple of minor gay seduction scenes would truly appreciate this film for the horror-comedy it is.

Bite Marks reminds me at times of Salem’s Lot and Fright Night, and even gives a small role to actor turned gay adult film performer Stephen Geoffreys! It’s so good to see him in this film, giving us a little of his classic bit from Fright Night. Maybe I’m biased, because I’ve seen my book Combustion compared to Salem’s Lot and Fright Night, but what can I say? They’re two of my favorite vampire movies!


The awesome opening credits go the whimsical route, with a spooky song and awesome horror animation—think the original Night of the Demons opener with humor injected into it. I knew immediately I was going to be a fan of Bite Marks. And the few sex scenes (minus the straight sex scene) are erotic while showing pretty much nothing but a nice little butt here and there. And the actors are as charismatic as they are cute.

The plot is simple. This “straight” truck driver transporting coffins picks up a hitchhiking gay couple, and soon they find themselves surrounded by hungry vampires. The build-up to the horror is great and there are some jump scares that totally got me. There’s plenty of blood, and the characters are keen to the laws of horror movies and the monsters they’re facing, which makes for plenty of in-joke dialogue for horror lovers. Personally, my favorite part was when one character expressed his feelings about the original Dawn of the Dead. I can totally relate.


As the boys battle the vamps, the humor escalates perfectly. At times, it feels like watching a Scooby Doo cartoon. Icing on the cake. Seriously. I want these guys back for a sequel.

bite marks collage 2

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