Bee Sting goes down like honey…so I went back for a taste of Bear Sting

When I watched the 47-minute film Bee Sting I just assumed it was going to be a horror comedy about kids taking on giant bees at a summer camp.

The film is based on a comic book according to imdb, and there’s a reason for the title, but it isn’t about bees…it’s about backwoods cannibals!

This is low budget fun with plenty of humor and the perfect running time. There isn’t a moment wasted in this one, which gets right to the point and keeps moving.

Two high school buddies decide to work at a summer camp, where they immediately get the hots for a couple of twins. When one of the twins is hurt during a baseball game, the boys offer to drive her and her sister to the hospital. But they make a wrong turn that leads them directly into a backwoods cannibal buffet!

This little indie is a blast, and while not everyone in the film is destined to be an actor, there are several standout performances.

The first hillbilly cannibal that offers the kids a ride could be right out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And with his boyish charm and natural delivery, the main kid should really be the hero in more horror comedies.

But my favorite by far is the camp owner, played by David Soulen. Not only is he adorable with a rockin’ bod, but he was born to be a comic actor.

It is incomprehensible that he hasn’t been snatched up or “discovered” for more mainstream projects. Until he is, he can be further appreciated in the Bee Sting sequel…Bear Sting!

I only wish it were as naughty as it sounds….

This pic is so hot aside from…you know…the blood…

Bee Sting 2: Bear Sting picks up right where the first film left off, with the survivors from part one being brought to a hospital to catch us up on what took place in the first film.

A year later, a bunch of kids is holding a vigil at the camp to honor lost friends and family. While they’re busy doing that, the cannibals are back in bloody business. The first act of the film delivers all the kills, and it’s a more brutal excursion than in the first film! There’s still humor tossed in, but the kills are more genuinely vicious rather than going for total spoof.

The spoof comes in next, when the lesbian girlfriend of a victim from the first film comes on the scene. Determined to find out what really happened because the police haven’t been able to, she goes to the one man who lived through it…the camp owner! Yes! David Soulen deservedly moves to the forefront as the leading man in this sequel—making quite an entrance in his tighty-whities! Double yes! But dammit, he never takes his shirt off.

Daddy David is like “DAMN, I got a fine ass.”

The comedy takes over from there as David reorganizes the vigil into a vigilante group!

Things go into montage mode as they train and build weapons for the final showdown with the cannibals in a junkyard.

Props to everyone involved for making one epic low budget battle scene. Screw stunt doubles. The cast gets down and dirty in a massive comic, rough and tumble fight sequence.

It just looks like everyone is having so much fun you can’t help but get swept up in it.

Not to mention, David Soulen is at the top of his comic game. Plus, by the time all is said and done, he grabs a couple of guys by the balls and goes Deliverance on another man’s ass! By the look on that guy’s face, David can masterfully top more than just his comic game…

Diehard horror fans should keep their ears out for an homage to the ending of the original Friday the 13th. Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for a third film.

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