A family with a Manson complex goes on a killing spree in a small town


With a title like Gimme Skelter, there’s no doubt this low-budget indie flick is going to have a Charles Manson connection. It also happens to be directed by Scott Phillips, the man behind the sexually twisted zombie exploitation flick The Stink of Flesh. So if you’ve seen that film, then you really know what kind of entertainment you can expect.

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Phillips once again casts hot geek stud Kurly Tlapoyawa from The Stink of Flesh (yippee!), who plays one of the murderous family members here. It also stars big male horror whores like Trent Haaga, Mark Chavez, and Billy Garberina, who are in so many trashy b-movies it’s amazing (I must confess that t I have a load of their movies in my collection). Jeremy Owen, an incredible erotica horror artist I met at Bent-Con, is also in the movie. And finally, the original Leatherface Gunnar Hansen is in the film, and his character is awesome.

As you’d expect if you’ve seen The Stink of Flesh, you’re in for total exploitation trash. There are tons of huge boobs. There are chicks who masturbate with pools of blood and dead bodies. There’s a human veal calf. There’s plenty of brutality and gore. There’s adolescent humor that you can’t help laugh at because the cast is so good at delivering it. There’s even some bare man butt. It’s everything you’d expect from a film about a Manson copycat family going door-to-door taking down a small town’s population of 67.


And yet, all the exploitation nonsense aside, Scott Phillips shows these unexpected moments of suspense and horror brilliance. If you took some of the home invasion segments out of the wacky context of the film, you’d find some super effective scares! I wonder if Phillips would ever consider doing a straight up serious horror movie, because he’d be great at it.

I must say though, one of my favorite scenes in Gimme Skelter is when Kurly invades the home of a chick with huge tits. Her first words after seeing him are, “The gay bar is two towns over.” As if to prove his manliness to her, he grabs her boobs and has a field day. Awesome.

Oh wait. I have another favorite part, and it’s from the outtakes. Every time the guys in the cast are hanging around shirtless showing off their bods between filming, they call it their gay porn shoot. Maybe the footage have been used in the film to up the exploitation factor….

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