A double feature of killer bunny Easter slashers!

It’s two more killer bunny flicks to add to the complete holiday horror page. There’s even a drag queen in each movie, landing them both on the does the gay guy die? page as well. But are these two movies a basket full of fun?


Be warned, this is a loooooow budget film intentionally filmed with a 1970s campy trash quality…while looking like it takes place in the 1960s.

A hooker named bunny and her erotic dancer friend Trinity (played by a drag queen) hang out in a hotel room for a majority of this 72-minute film. Their dialogue about their jobs, aspirations, and men fail to bring any humor, so it’s not entertaining at all. Bunny does have one dream about a guy in a bunny costume to break up the monotony.

Eventually the girls go out to get Easter eggs. While they’re gone, a pervy room service guy comes into the room and is killed by the bunny man.

The girls return for some more filler—exercise, dance, and pillow fight montages. Eventually they discover the bunny man is in their room and some fighting ensues.

No body count, no comedy, no scares…not even the kind of crass material you might expect from a movie about a hooker and a drag queen erotic dancer in a sleazy hotel. The simple premise just begs for over-the-top absurdity, but we don’t even get that.


This big killer bunny has little red-eyed minion bunnies and is trying to take out a town full of churchgoers. Yay!

Our leading lady and director of the film is Diane Foster, who was the star of The Orphan Killer and its sequel. As the town prepares for its big Easterpalooza celebration, her husband goes missing and people start turning up dead.

One redneck who seems like a conspiracy theorist is actually right…it’s the work of supernatural entity Jackalope, first conjured by a woman decades before when she merely wanted her kids to experience a visit from the Easter bunny.

As the main girl and her friends put the pieces together and try to hunt down the bunny, Easterpalooza goes on. The big dance starts with a Bunny Hop montage led by the town’s gay boy dressed in Playboy bunny drag. In fact, this little redneck town is shockingly colorful and diverse…

The rest of the segment at the dance slows the otherwise fast-paced film down for a while, as do some dream sequences the main girl has. The film didn’t need to be 103 minutes long. But things pick up when an Easter egg hunt turns into a massacre! The big bunny looks awesomely evil, and his minions are good for a chuckle (they give off Critters vibes).

All the main characters end up battling bunnies in the woods in the final act, but then the film drags on for a bit too long after it, with nothing really happening. Not sure what they were trying to accomplish with the few final drawn out scenes. Even so, this is mostly a good one to watch if you’re doing a killer bunny movie marathon on Easter weekend.

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