A double dose of zombie love

Zombies have been done to death, right down to living/dead romance horror. You know the kind; one human tries his or her best to continue a relationship with a lover that has returned from the grave. I’ve pretty much hated this kind of zombie film since the Return of the Living Dead 3 days. So…I watched two more – Life After Beth and Zombie Honeymoon.


life after beth cover

Life After Beth has a crazy cast, including John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon, Paul Reiser, Cheryl Hines, Anna Kendrick, Garry Marshall, and Aubrey Plaza. And it is quirky and darkly humorous at times.

life after beth cast

Yet you can’t really call it a horror comedy because it’s not all that funny. In fact, it’s a pretty somber movie. Boy’s chick dies, boy then sees her walking around her house. Parents finally admit to him that she did inexplicably come back from the grave. So he starts to date her again, trying to keep dead past a secret from her. But soon she starts to rot, get violent, and, you know…crave flesh.

life after beth zombeth

And she’s not the only one. While this isn’t a zombie outbreak movie, there do end up being others returning from the dead…and it’s never actually explained why. And the conclusion is, not surprisingly, more tragic than happy. It’s definitely an entertaining watch, but it’s not one I’d watch again.


zombie honeymoon cover

Zombie Honeymoon is routine for this genre, although it may have been a bit more original when it came out over ten fricking years ago! Where does the time go?

zombie honeymoon infection

While a couple is celebrating their honeymoon at a house on the beach, a zombie comes out of the water and pukes in the husband’s mouth. Before long, hubby starts eating people. And his wife stands by her cannibal man, helping him keep his hunger a secret while they make plans to run away together to Portugal. It’s a big zombie destination these days, I guess.

zombie honeymoon couple

Zombie Honeymoon takes itself pretty seriously rather than go for comedy. Aside from ripping apart quite a bit of flesh, the husband doesn’t start to look or act like a zombie until very close to the end of the film, when he finally displays unapologetic zombie behavior. It’s too little too late for me after all the drama, romance, and exploration of zombie emotions. The only thing I want to know about a zombie’s feelings is how it feels when he gets a bullet to the brain.

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