Wolf Moon made me howl with delight

wolf moon cover collage

Wolf Moon (aka: Dark Moon Rising) is a quirky little werewolf film. Because there’s a love relationship between a local girl in a small country town and a hunky young werewolf, some might want to compare it to Twilight. But it’s too gory, naked sexy, and funny for that comparison. It’s more Near Dark, Big Bad Wolf, and True Blood blended into a movie that runs over 2 hours long. It actually feels more like a SyFy Network series such as Being Human turned into a film.

Lin Shaye

A huge part of its charm comes from its cast of veteran horror and sc-fi actors: Lin Shaye, Sid Haig, Maria Conchita Alonso, Chris Mulkey, and Billy Drago. Instead of quick throw away appearances, they are all at the top of their game. Chris Mulkey in particular is great as the father of the young woman who is in love with a pretty boy werewolf.

wolf moon dad and son

On top of that, you have the clash between the hottest daddy/son werewolf hunk pair ever, played by daddy Max Ryan and son Chris Divecchio. Both of these beautiful men are exploited fully, ripping their shirts off just to show off their amazing bodies—Even right before their final battle together—a battle that proves to be the most anti-climactic moment of the film.

While Wolf Moon isn’t a “horror comedy,” it manages to blend light humor and campiness into its romantic plot (thanks in large part to the performances by the brilliant cast)—as well as some seriously gory and violent werewolf attacks! These hairy beasts really do look like the werewolf from the horror comedy Big Bad Wolf.

wolf moon wolf

And to end the film on a high note, we watch Chris Divecchio remove his shirt and start walking away down a hot desert road…showing off a tramp stamp in the process. And to end this blog on a high note, I’m posting a pic of Max Ryan and Chris Divecchio shirtless….

wolf moon shirtless shot

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