5ive Girls – witches and ghosts and demons, oh my!

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I just love me some rebellious teenage girls turning to witchcraft to work out their angst. Imagine The Craft girls being sent away to a Catholic reform school and becoming possessed, and you have 5ive Girls. Okay, you’d actually have 4 girls, but you know what I mean.

These five girls are the only students in the entire creepy building with a third floor that’s off limits. And they are locked in by their bitch of a headmistress. And they have one teacher—a priest played by Ron Perlman.

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Go to Hellboy! I mean…girl!

5ive Girls may not be The Craft, but it blows away Little Witches, which I blog about here, and would make a perfect double feature with The Woods, which I cover here.

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There are pentagrams. There’s a zombie-like ghost girl. Supernatural goings-on. Each girl has a special psychic power. One of the girls is a lesbian (that’s not her special power) and her character rules.

5girls les.jpeg

She’ll slit a bitch.

There’s girl-on-girl kissing and headmistress-on-girl spanking.

5girls punish.jpeg And then shit gets crazy. Possession. Demonic voices. Demon plasma penetration. Exorcism. Crucifix kills. Bitch fights. Violent, bloody bitch fights. There’s even some humor. And for the big finale, the demon emerges!

5girls demon.jpeg

The finale is definitely a pay-off because the film doesn’t feel like it’s going to ever go that far. Only the very final moment is a bit odd, sort of explaining all in the blink of an eye with little fanfare. Kind of jarring but also rather snarky in a fun way.

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