What The Other Hell did I just watch?


Imagine a religious exorcist experience at a convent without the Linda Blair look, and you have the 1981 Italian horror film The Other Hell, also known as Guardian of Hell.

other hell crazy nun

You know what you’re in for when a nun cries, “The genitals are the door to evil! The vagina, the uterus, the womb; the labyrinth that leads to hell; the devil’s tools!” Self-loathing lesbian much???

So yeah, these nuns have this be-otch tied down and stab the hell out of her labyrinth. Nuns start acting possessed, but not looking possessed in the usual horror movie sense. They just look like angry nuns. A cute bearded priest comes to investigate and…um…straighten out these angry nuns.

other hell priest

There’s good use of shadows, spooky up-light, and flashlights in dark halls and rooms, there are hanging dolls, what I assume is supposed to be a demon but looks more like a toy with glowing red eyes, a cool bloody handprint with an evil smiley face in it (standout moment), a scary laughing nun, constant focus on a nun’s pussy (cat), killer dogs, a baby that may be evil, and tons of psychic babble.

And finally, a nun stabs a priest and tells him he needs to know the pain of penetration and birth. Feminist nuns gone wild!

other hell bed

Oh…there’s also a score by Goblin, but it sure ain’t no Suspiria soundtrack. It’s like a bad disco score. If you’re going to make a disco horror score 2 years after the peak of disco…make it a new wave score.

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