Welcome to the incestuous world of Full Moon doll movies

Full Moon Entertainment created a monster—actually, a lot of little monsters—when it released the classic Puppet Master in 1989, which has since spawned more than 10 sequels. Here I’m going to focus on the cash-in series Demonic Toys, one of which happens to co-star the puppets!



Definitely a worthy successor to the Puppet Master series, Demonic Toys is just as good and just as bad. It’s a simple story about people trapped in a toy warehouse in which a creepy clown Jack-in-the box, Teddy bear, baby doll, and robot come to life.

The toys are most definitely memorable characters like their Puppet Master counterparts. A typically cheesy plot unfolds about why the toys have come to life. The real entertainment here is the gruesome damage these toys can do. It’s really all about the kills. Plus, there’s an obligatory nod to Chucky….

DOLLMAN (1991)

I’m covering this non-related sci-fi film because Dollman takes on the Demonic Toys two years later. This one stars the dude best known for playing Blanche’s cross-dressing baseball player boyfriend on an episode of The Golden Girls. At least, that’s the way I’ll always remember him. While I have no interest in sci-fi films, his campy comic performance as a doll-sized alien that lands on earth makes this one somewhat entertaining. It also stars Jackie Earle Haley, who would go on to become the remake Freddy Krueger.


Okay, so this multi-franchise sequel runs only ONE HOUR and is comprised largely of recycled footage from Dollman, Demonic Toys, and another Full Moon Entertainment film called Bad Channels.

It would be pretty pointless to even discuss this rehash, except for one thing. Dollman has a doll nurse girlfriend, and the baby doll Demonic Toy is totally horny for her. His perverted one-liners when he gets her in a dollhouse bedroom and prepares to screw her make this the BEST film in the series. I don’t know how the actress playing the doll nurse was able to act truly terrified as she fended off a dude in a huge baby doll costume.



Keeping Christmas alive!!! What a treat. This campy sequel to both Puppet Master and Demonic Toys is a holiday classic! The oddest thing about this crossover is the casting of Corey Feldman as the father of a teenage girl! He’s a blood relative of the creator of the puppets, so he brings them back to life.

Meanwhile, an evil toy corporation wants to unleash the Demonic Toys on the world—using Corey Feldman’s formula. Baby Doll is as horny as ever and looking to breastfeed. His chase scenes and fart flying totally rock. There’s also a mall Santa and a cheesy, hellish demon (love it). At almost 90 minutes, the film runs a little long. But the toy and puppet action is hot once it finally gets going.



Demonic Toys 2 captures the spirit of the classic early 90s Full Moon toy movies. Oddity collectors come together at a mysterious old mansion/castle and before long, the Demonic Toys are back in action! There’s plenty of thunder and lightning, eerie shadows, bloody kills, and typical bizarre side stories. The ending is complete with a séance, a medium who goes all Exorcist, and a final demon-tastic confrontation. It also stars Karen Walker’s short gay nemesis Leslie Jordan from Will & Grace.

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