Two times the scream divas in a Halloween horror flick


Okay. So I’ll get the bad news out of the way immediately. If you check out Hallows’ Eve to see a Halloween horror movie starring both Danielle Harris and Tiffany Shepis, you’ve come to the wrong place. They have even less screen time than they do in Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer. I guess there wasn’t enough money in the budget of this indie to keep them around long.

In the opening scene, a group of kids pulls a Prom Night on poor little Eve in a cornfield. Watch out! There’s a tractor! Splat.

hallows eve pumpkins

Ten years later, this group of kids is going to have some Halloween fun by visiting a haunted corn maze. Would you EVER go back into a cornfield after watching a girl lose half her face? Oh yeah. Eve is still alive. But she’s a quivering mess who is embarrassed of her looks. What a great reason to wear a mask….

hallows eve face girl

But actually, there isn’t a mask in Hallows’ Eve. All you really see is the back of the killer in a hoodie. In fact, the one reason to watch the film is for the great gory kills. Other than that, nothing really happens. This bratty group of kids fights, has sex, and smokes pot. And then all of a sudden, usually out of nowhere and with no buildup or suspense, someone gets majorly gutted.

Tiffany Shepis really only has one scene, in which she’s behind a ticket booth ragging on some asshole’s sexuality and helping to correct him when he misidentifies an Aretha Franklin song as a Donna Summer song. This is one scene that really made this gay man’s ears perk up! A scene that made this gay man perk up elsewhere involves a studly, smooth-bodied hottie getting shirtless.

hallows eve bod

Danielle Harris is one of the people working the haunted maze. She appears a little at the beginning while setting up, passes through somewhere in the middle for a moment, and then has her big scene during the great reveal of the killer at the end when they stumble upon a deliciously gruesome Halloween display in the cornfield.

hallows eve daniell

Other than that, there are girly boobs (including some big nipples), a whole lot of scenes of guys thinking a real murder is part of the show and walking right by, quickly escalating kills and gore right near the end, and a classic “final moment” after all the dust has cleared.

Remember. Watch Hallows’ Eve for the awesomely gory kills. Oh, and that shirtless guy.

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