Two slashers that go out with a Big Bang Theory!


Our American sweetheart Kaley Cuoco is best known as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, but she has also walked in (actually, run in) the final girl shoes a couple of time!!!


Killer Movie is jam-packed with recognizable faces, including Latin stud Nestor Carbonell from Suddenly, Susan (and more recently, the ill-fated tv show Ringer), a couple of pretty people from Vampire Diaries, Jason London of Dazed and Confused, Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl, slasher Drive Thru, and the Cobra Starship hit “Good Girls Go Bad,” JC Chasez of N’Sync, and the gorgeous dude Al Santos from Jeepers Creepers 2. But Kaley steals the show as a bitchy celebrity.

killer movie cast

Okay. I’ll admit it. The plot of Killer Movie is a mess. You can’t even be bothered following the soap opera storylines, and the number of kill locations is, like, all over the map. The whole map of a small town, that is. See, they’re shooting a reality show about a hockey team in this town, and soon, people start getting killed by someone in a hoodie and a plain mask.

killer movie mask

There are some things that make this a very fun slasher, though. The cast delivers some pretty humorous dialogue, with the best lines coming in the reality show “confessional” clips, where they express their feelings about the murders. The kill scenes have that classic, sleek, post-Scream feel to them. Leighton Meester is a fighter and her chase scene is pretty good. And Kaley gets an awesome chase scene near the end of the movie. Plus, there’s lesbian kissing for the straight guys, and for gals and gay guys, the Jeepers Creepers 2 hottie showers. Yum.

killer movie shower 1

When you’re tired of rewatching all the Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Urban Legend movies, pop in Killer Movie. Kaley rules.

 THE HOLLOW (2004)

hollow headless

Aside from one sex scene involving a girl getting bodyless head, The Hollow is virtually a family-friendly horror film.

hollow 2004 lead kid

There’s something quaint and charming about it, almost like Hocus Pocus. Okay, not that family friendly. After all, there are numerous decapitations.

hollow headless

The Hollow is a fun Halloween horror flick that does a great job of re-imagining Washington Irving’s tale of the Headless Horseman in modern, slasher style. During the Halloween festivities in a small town, a young man learns he is a descendant of the real Ichabod Crane. Soon, the Headless Horseman is back to claim a head!

hollow horseman

And he looks pretty cool with a Jack O’ Lantern as his temporary head. Great Halloween atmosphere and some cheap thrills add to the fun.

hollow nick and kaley

The Hollow has an awesome cast, including Stacy Keach, the late Eileen Brennan, Judge Reinhold (80s awesomeness!), cutie pie Nicholas Turturro of NYPD Blue and tons of other stuff, Kevin Zegers of Gossip Girl, and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys (okay, I’m seeing a pattern of Kaley being in horror movies with cast members from Gossip Girl and members of boy bands). As a bonus, Nick’s rockin’ solo song “Blow Your Mind” is featured in the closing credits.

While Kaley is the lead girl, her role takes a backseat to the leading man, but her charm is still present to make The Hollow a perfect part of this Kaley Cuoco double feature!

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