Trailer Trash Zombie Ghosts!


2008’s Trailer Park of Terror is one wacky movie. Half the time, I thought I was watching “Rob Zombie’s My Name Is Earl. The lead blonde trailer trash zombie chick virtually IS Jaime Presley, and the dang whore from Earl is in this movie, looking like she just moseyed on over from the Earl set. Priscilla Barnes also appears in the film, and looks like she moseyed on over from the set of The Devil’s Rejects. No. Correction. It looks like the whole crew of Trailer Park of Terror moseyed on over to the set of The Devil’s Rejects—and then handed the directing duties over to Rob Zombie.

trailer park of terror dad

Trailer Park of Terror is a mess of fun. It starts slow. It feels grindhouse. It turns into a typical teens in peril horror film. It throws in some horror comedy. It gets intensely torture porn right near the end. These are zombie ghosts. Who would expect them to go all Hostel?

Plot is simple. Troubled kids and their pastor are coming back from a retreat when their bus crashes near a trailer park (that was actually burned down years before…dunh dunh dunh!). There’s some sexy stuff, but the only nudity is half a butt shot of the cutest damn guy in the movie (wahoo!). There’s also a subtle flirtation between one male character and an adorable redneck in a diner.

trailer park of terror bod

The zombie ghosts are HIDEOUS! The makeup and gore is awesome. There’s an Asian masseuse in a mask who is pretty creepy and even fricking floats at one point! There’s a repulsive corpulent zombie ghost chick. The zombies like making snuff films. There’s a redneck zombie ghost demolition derby. There’s a guitar twanging redneck zombie. A big burly zombie unashamedly feels up the ass of the cutie. So the tone is a bit inconsistent.

trailer park of terror face mask

Your either going to love Trailer Park of Terror for its schizophrenic diversity, or hate it for all the elements that aren’t your cup of zombie chow. Best advice? Just show it at a Halloween party.

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