Til death do these marriages part

At what point in a marriage do you really know your spouse? Do you ever truly know them? Don’t be expecting cheap BOO! scares from Honeymoon or A Good Marriage. They are deeply frightening mindfucks that will have you doubting your bond whether you’re just married or together for decades.


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What the dude in Honeymoon is willing to go through to save his new bride is a testament to his love, but if I had been his predicament so early in my relationship, I would be so fricking out of there.

Man and wife go to a cabin by a lake and their relationship is just too fucking adorable.

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But then she sleepwalks into the woods one night and is never the same. Her husband watches as she quickly becomes unrecognizable…on the inside!

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What the frick happened to her in the woods? Hubby finds clues that make it look bad…really bad. But did it involve another human? A monster? Aliens? While there may be a bit too many “test” questions as the hubby tries to determine if she’s really his wife, eventually shit gets crazy. And gross. We’re talking nasty va-jay-jay stuff gross.

Dark and tragic, Honeymoon gets bonus points for the fantastic performances by the two leads.


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Speaking of fantastic performances, Joan Allen is reason enough to watch this adaptation of a great Stephen King short story. As she plans for her daughter’s wedding and celebrates her own 25th wedding anniversary, Joan has no idea that the news of a serial killer targeting young women is going to affect her own family in a disturbing and terrifying way.

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Not so much a horror film as it is a psychological thriller, A Good Marriage is about the emotional agony Joan suffers due to the serial killer’s evil acts and the devastating consequences it has on her relationship with her husband, played perfectly by Anthony LaPaglia.

This one can definitely be added to the (long) list of my favorite King film adaptations.


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  1. Joshy Lopez says:

    I haven’t seen Honeymoon, but clearly need to. A Good Marriage is definitely a favorite, and as you said one of the very best King adaptations. King is all over this, unlike some adaptations that seem to go out of their way to erase King-isms from the story. Loved it!!!

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