If May and American Mary had a lovechild, her name would be Alyce Kills

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Alyce Kills…but she takes her time in this slow burner.

Alyce is this really weird, socially inept chick (only slightly less creepy than May). Alyce was always the outcast in her group of friends. But she does have one best friend. Carroll. And Carroll drags her out clubbing. And it would appear Alyce might be a wee bit jealous that Carroll dates boys. But there’s no man in the picture the night the two drink way too much and there’s a horrible accident.

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Alyce starts to spiral downward as a result, and for a while, Alyce Kills lands in the downer druggy movie zone. Blech. Not my thing. But based on the title, I hung in there. And I’m glad I did. Alyce’s mind snaps when she does some seriously fucked up shit at a funeral, after which the macabre horror truly starts. And it all begins with a violent power struggle sexual encounter Alyce has with a steroid head she brings home.

alyce kills body.jpg

At this point, the film suddenly shifts again, and at last, we’re in quirky, darkly disgusting American Mary territory. Alyce revels in butchering and massacring her victims as she gleefully gets revenge on her tormentors with a big grin on her face and plenty of one-liners.

On top of all that, keep an ear out for extensive use of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train.”

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2 Responses to If May and American Mary had a lovechild, her name would be Alyce Kills

  1. Joshy Lopez says:

    I’ve been curious about this one, but always dismissed it because the cover and synopsis are soooooo generic. I shall check it out now.

  2. Joshy Lopez says:

    Few movies make me jealous as an artist that I didn’t come up with it. “Alyce Kills” is one of them. So depraved. Loved it.

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