The Perfect House – this dream home is a nightmare!

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The 2012 indie horror anthology The Perfect House stars Felissa Rose and Jonathan Tiersten of Sleepaway Camp! However, they are not featured in the same stories in this anthology, which actually has the same setup as the movie Terror Tract, in which John Ritter plays a real estate agent telling stories of horror to his clients as he takes them house hunting.

In The Perfect House, a voluptuous real estate agent shows a young couple the home of their dreams while she flirts openly with both of them. There are also a few other red flags that this is a deal gone bad as she gives them the tour of the house, but the real horrors lie in the basement….

The first story has the classic dark tone of a Tales from the Crypt episode. A husband, wife, son, and daughter go into the basement during a rainstorm and the nasty truth about the father/daughter relationship comes out. Let’s just say it really tears the family apart….

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The second story stars Jonathan Tiersten, cousin Ricky from Sleepaway Camp. He’s all grown up and cute now and sure knows how to play a sadistic bastard. He has a basement lair in which he tortures and kills people…but he keeps one chick alive in a cage so he has an audience. This segment is brutal. The things he does to his male victim had me squirming—even the parts that were only implied. The end result is the stuff of nightmares and made my eyes ache.

The third story stars Felissa Rose. The intro to this story opens the movie and involves Felissa and her family going to dinner at a neighbor’s house. He seems to be really irate with the fact that Felissa’s husband never returned the weed whacker he borrowed. Uh-oh. You know where this is going.

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It’s amazing how Felissa Rose was the one making everyone else scream in her first movie way back in 83, yet she is one of the best screaming victims these days. Needless to say, she and her family are fricking tortured by their neighbor in new and inventive ways. Pure evil stuff going on in this segment, and again, I was cringing.

Meanwhile, back in the wraparound story, the couple realizes maybe this isn’t the dream house for them after all. But, like something out of Creepshow, there’s a dark little twist to this wraparound story.

If you like your horror anthologies with more of a modern edge than the campy tone of the classics, definitely give mean little indie flick The Perfect House a look.

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