These buff boys are the ones to call if you’re having problems with the big D

Demons, that is. It’s Demonhntr, a queer horror comedy web series from director/writer Tim O’Leary. If you loved Buffy and always wished for something similar, but with the sexy gayness of Dante’s Cove and The Lair, Demonhntr will make you feel all kinds of satisfied and nostalgic. The rockin’ guitar intro sequence alone is like a fun little homage to the Buffy opening…and then we jump right into the flirty sexiness of the supernatural gay episodes.

Season 1 features 5 short episodes:

Episode 1

This is our introduction to our demon hunters, a straight Black guy and a gay Asian guy. The show is notable for its diverse casting. Even so, it does lean towards white, hairless pretty boys (what do you expect? they’re everywhere) without much variation in terms of body types or ages.

The series doesn’t yet tap into any “bear” subcultures. Perhaps that will come to fruition in later seasons, but that just might not be what the creator is going for, and that’s okay (if you’re into burlier, more mature guys facing off against the supernatural, you can stick to my Comfort Cove novels for now).

The plot of the first episode sets the tone for the series, delivering wiener shots, sex demons, and a touch of camp as our two demon hunters break out their martial arts techniques.

Episode 2

The guys expand their business when they team up with a lesbian witch, and the trio takes on a straight ghost couple. The man ghost is a perfect example of the variation in body types I hope to see more of in the series. He’s a cutie with a cute booty.

Episode 3

In the sexiest, steamiest episode yet, the team tries to help a go-go boy being haunted by an incubus.

Episode 4

In perhaps the campiest episode of the bunch, an ancient female genie is under the impression that the demon hunters want to vanquish her.

Episode 5

You’re sure to be hooked just as the season comes to a close. The most serious episode, the finale has the gay demon hunter cozying up with his ex-boyfriend, a goth medium.

But a literal demon from his past comes to terrorize them, giving this episode a darker, creepier edge than all the rest.

However, totally bringing back the fun at the end of the episode is beautiful Darryl Stephens of Noah’s Arc as a future foil for the demon hunting gang.

And he has a hunky minion of color with him.

Yummy and wahoo! I can’t wait for next season.

Meanwhile, the show earns a spot on the homo hell-evision page.

The full season of Demonhntr is available on Here TV. Learn more about the show on Twitter, and watch the first episode on YouTube.

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