The time Marsha Brady the 2nd did a horror movie…


Okay, the 2006 film Room 6 isn’t the only horror movie Christine Taylor been in (Night of the Demons 2, The Craft, Campfire Tales), but it is definitely the one in which she gets to showcase her awesome scream queen lungs—constantly.

Marsha Brady the 2nd, also known as Ben Stiller’s wife or the chick who shaved her head on Friends, plays a teacher whose only student we get to see is the creepy girl from Let Me In who was the creepy girl in every horror movie of the last decade when the creepy girl wasn’t being played by the creepy girl from Silent Hill.


This creepy girl’s white trash mother is played by Ellie Cornell, best known as Rachel in Halloween IV and *spoiler* the first half-hour or so of Halloween V.

So right away, Room 6 gets props for the amount of horror cameos. Marsha 2 has daddy issues, and her daddy was a daddy of a different kind in Elm Street 2: the leather daddy gym teacher. Anyway, Marsha 2 and her boyfriend get into a car crash with Jerry O’Connell and his sister. A very Ray Bradbury’s “The Crowd”-eque crowd gathers and doesn’t do shit to help them, Marsha 2 sees one of them turn into a fricking freaky monster face from hell for an instant, then ambulances come and take away her bo and Jerry’s sister…but to what hospital?? Neither Marsha 2 or Jerry knows, so they work together to try to find their loved ones.

room 6 monster

Room 6 is a simple film that is really just like a thoroughly entertaining journey through one of those haunted house attractions. Don’t think too hard. Just scream along with Marsha 2 at numerous jump scares and ghoulish monsters. We also actually get to see the fate of her hot boyfriend as he’s stuck in a very Silent Hill-like hospital complete with an ominous head nurse and a gaggle of gorgeous hot lesbian nurses who put on quite a show. Yeah. This movie has it all, including an appearance by Mike of Mike & Molly.

room 6 nurses

So the ending might be super cheez whiz, but this movie is so worth it just for the scene when Marsha 2 goes into a church seeking spiritual guidance. Let’s just say if creepy grannies like the one in Drag Me To Hell totally freak you out and give you nightmares, then, don’t worry. There’s none of that in Room 6. No, really. I promise. You can trust me….

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