The Sick House has a lot of symptoms…

Man, people HATE the 2008 film The Sick House. That’s why I love that I have absolutely no expectations when I watch horror movies, so I can usually walk away with something.

The Sick House really has it all. Ghost story. Typical slasher. The plague. A hospital. An orphanage. a cult. Child spirits. An evil priest. Deformed creatures. A hot mascara-wearing punk. Gina Philips, one of my fave scream queens from Jeepers Creepers and Dead and Breakfast. Choppy editing. Shaky cam. Hand-cam footage. Eerie Saw/The Ring-era lighting. Dark lighting where you can’t see shit. Cheesy scares. Good scares. A really freaky “killer.” A bit of repulsive horror action. A “WTF was that about?” ending. So you could actually argue that The Sick House is a thinking horror fan’s film!

But seriously, watching the film, I didn’t get anything out of the ordinary based on most of the movies released in the first decade of the new millennium. So I don’t know what all the whining is about. It’s worth watching The Sick House just for the style, the atmosphere, and that big, black-cloaked thing that does some awful stuff with its duckbill….

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