The perversions of Peter Cottontail!

easter casket cover

Director Dustin Mills has brought us z-grade, direct-to-video crap like Bath Salt Zombies, Night of the Tentacles, and Zombie A-Hole. But he may have outdone himself with Easter Casket, in which a psycho Peter Cottontail plans to take revenge on the Catholic Church for wanting to rid Easter of all the fun stuff: eggs, chicks, chocolate, and bunnies. So why not use them all as his weapons?

easter casket peter cottontail

But evil bunny beware. A studly priest who can morph into a masked superhero is on your (cotton) tail! Easter Casket is one of those glorious returns to the kind of garbage teens watched on VHS in the eighties that may not have been mainstream, but remained forever ingrained in their heads.

This trash has got everything:

  • Trippy low-budget effects.
  • A naked nun who shows it all.

easter casket nun

  • A floating head Mega-pope.
  • A holy hand grenade.
  • A burly, beary priest who draws pix of ejaculating penises while he jerks off.

easter casket wiener

  • A talking nun corpse.
  • A nun and priest having fun with a black dildo (love them).

easter casket dildo

  • Attack chicks, explosive eggs, deadly chocolate bunny poop, and a killer carrot.
  • A Peter Cottontail puppet banging a room full of bunnies and snorting cocaine.

easter casket bunny fuck

  • A naked chick possessed by Peter Cottontail (and she’s actually quite scary).

easter casket possession

  • A Godzilla-sized Peter Cottontail demolishing a model city.

On top of all that, not only does Peter Cottontail have plenty of great one-liners, but many of the other characters had me laughing out loud as well. It’s tasteless. It’s gross. It’s obscene. And it’s stupid as hell fun.

Only a few things could have tightened up the running time and the pacing. First, there’s a naked dance routine that goes on way too long. Okay. If it had been the studly priest dancing instead of a girl, I might not be saying that. But it did feel excessive. There’s also a long conversation and then sex scene between the studly priest and the main girl that made the film drag a bit. But hey. It pays off, because we get to see him in his boxer briefs immediately after.

easter casket priest

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