The killer is right behind you…so don’t drop the soap

sodomaniac cover

When you excitedly start a movie called Sodomaniac and the first thing you see is man ass with bloody guts pouring out the crack, you know it’s time to put away the tissues and lube and get out the barf bag.

Only those with a strong sphincter will be able to handle this over-the-top slasher/rape revenge/horror comedy hybrid. If you’re a straight guy who buttered your popcorn with puke when Ving Rhames got butt-banged in Pulp Fiction, you’d be better off waiting for the next Fast & Furious. If you’re a hypersensitive gay guy who has a meltdown of Wicked Witch proportions upon hearing the word “fag,” stick to the RuPaul’s Drag Race marathon that should be on LOGO any minute now.

sodomaniac 1

I’d turn back if I were you…unless you’re a real man who can take it.

But if you’re a man-hating woman of any sexual orientation, a straight guy with great taste in tasteless films, a gay guy who likes to watch homophobic dipshits get dipped in the shitter, or any combination of any of the above, let the slumber party begin!

Sodomaniac is indie (male) exploitation obscenity that doesn’t give a fuck who it offends. The plot is straightforward, so to speak. Straight guys talk derogatory shit about women and gays…then get butt fucked to death by a killer in an ass mask with an anus for a breathing hole. If you don’t see any humor in a fudge packing rapist/killer in an ass mask, you may just have a stick up your butt. Or maybe you just have more class than me.

Sodomaniac has that classic low-budget grindhouse look and feel—plus an awesome old school, pulsing synth score during the opening credits.

sodomaniac guys

Then we meet our group of party boys who, not surprisingly, plan to bang as many girls as possible while talking nonstop about gay butt sex. Unfortunately for them, payback makes you the bitch in this movie….

Sodomaniac, our crazed killer, is really sexy in tight leather with a gravelly voice, a great sense of humor, and a cock that purrs like a chainsaw, and first appears for a back alley butt-bang that would upstage even the best shadow puppet show.

sodomaniac shadow

Then it’s on to a house party, where Sodomaniac receives involuntary lap dances and scores with all the man whores. Loaded with mean and masterful foreplay that will make straight guys squirm, the corn hole kills are bloody disgusting extreme.

While Sodomaniac may seem to be just another grindhouse flick made for the sole purpose of shocking, director Anthony Catanese and writing partner Steve Revesz have managed to do something clever here, whether intentional or not. Because while some may look at the film as “demonizing” the gay sex act as something dirty, disgusting, and masculinity-robbing, I personally think the movie is, dare I say, poking fun at machismo.

sodomaniac killer silhouette

The level of objection the guys in this movie have to the mere thought of gay sex is totally being satirized; the hypocrisy of straight male attitudes toward man-on-man desire is on full display. They mock gay sex constantly—often by humping all over each other and simulating gay sex. They are cool with a gay guy running in their crowd yet express gay panic about him coming on to them. After one dude has had his asshole literally torn up by Sodomaniac, he is easily convinced that holding a gun will make him feel like a real man…and that the humiliation of being known as the guy who got butt-fucked is worse than death. And when the guys realize there is a killer on the loose—ready to give each of them a loose caboose—two of them partner up to, um, watch each other’s backs by lovingly clinging to each other.

Oh yeah. Sodomaniac cruises just outside everyone’s comfort zone. While it goes for the graphic butt sex gross outs, in my opinion, it’s not an anti-gay film. The gay stuff couldn’t be any more proud and in your face. And I’m not talking the My Little Pony rides. The big gay friend is fully sexualized for a change. He dances and flirts with men. He goes prowling for sex at the party just like the straight guys do. And while his scene of happening upon a sleeping straight guy may be interpreted as the gay as predator, it’s nowhere near as bad as what the straight guys in the film are doing to women…and he at least promises to be gentle.

sodomaniac kiss

There’s also a hot interracial gay couple that gets lengthy full-focus camera time while making out. The most delicious (ew…wrong word) irony is that the gay guy proves to be the one amongst them all who really needs to douche! Guess he’s a top.

If all this man ass stuff freaks out straight guys, there’s a mind-fuck moment when the camera pans from an anal sex death to an explicit pin-up on a wall of a chick spreading both of her holes. It’s kind of reassuring viewers that heteronormativity is alive and well. But not really.

sodomaniac 2

Now that’s diving into anal feet first….

Deep meaning aside, Sodomaniac is purely about horrific absurdity and unadulterated, overly adult fun. The violence and gore dump a load of shit and ass humor on us. Like the most iconic killers, Sodomaniac’s one-liners rule, but the black guys in the film also get some of the funniest LOL lines.

sodomaniac bend

Would you like some Thousand Island dressing on that?

You can also geek out over a classic Star Wars poster in one scene. And finally, the last victim gets pegged to this awesome cover version of The Ramones’ “Somebody Put Something in my Drink” by NOIZEE.

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