The gay horror of director Matheus Marchetti

While many of the gay horror movie options on my homo horror movies page are campy, low budget romps, Brazilian director Matheus Marchetti is taking a much more refined and classic approach to the subgenre. His short films are available to watch on YouTube, but I would love to see these beautifully crafted films gathered together on a DVD or Blu-ray release.

Here is a brief rundown of each of the films with links to view them.

The Prince’s Kiss

Rich in the neon horror lighting made famous by Euro horror directors in the 1970s and 1980s and swelling with a score of classical music, this lush and artistic short film manages to deliver a quick take on Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein with a touch of understated gay camp.

Watch the film here. No dialogue, so there are no subtitles.

Garden of the Sleepwalkers

This sadistic gay fairy tale romance vampire rock opera goes from sexy and sweet to dark and ominous, with strong musical compositions.

If Burton’s The Corpse Bride were a live-action gay love story, this would be it.

Watch the film here. Hit the CC button to turn on English subtitles.

The Angel in the Pit

While maintaining that upscale feel of Marchetti’s other films, The Angel in the Pit offers a classic teen horror flick vibe with a gay twist.

Two geeks dream of being all powerful with the help of the Necromonicon—which might just be the key to ridding them of the undeniably sexy bully in their life.

As an added bonus, it’s also a Christmas horror flick!

Watch the film here. Don’t forget to hit the CC button to turn on English subtitles.

Nuptials of Dracula

Marchetti’s longest work is an art house re-imagining of Stoker’s original novel.

While the film is more overtly lesbian-focused, there are hints of gay male vampirism and an AIDS allegory embedded in the plot.

Rather than a grandiose presentation with elaborate sets, this an eloquent, intimate adaptation focused primarily on the characters.

Watch the film here. Once again, hit the CC button to turn on English subtitles.

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