Headless – the freakiest part of Found is now a movie of its own

headless cover

Indie film Found from director Scott Schirmer has quite a cult following. I blog about the film here, but in short, the main boy in the movie is obsessed with a horror film called Headless. The footage from that faux film was such an impactful part of Found that it has now been made into a full-length grindhouse torture porn flick by director Arthur Cullipher.

headless leg

Audiences wanted more of the sickness Headless had to offer and now we definitely get it. It’s a pure gross out exploitation flick filmed in total gruesome, grisly detail. The killer severs women’s heads then fucks their necks. There’s machete rape (seriously). Tits hacked off. Eyeball eating. Legs chopped off. Water sports. A pit of rotting corpses. Castration.

headless eye

I went in expecting to be fully traumatized for life, but honestly, the only part that made me cringe and cry out in horror was when a guy got stabbed in the shoulder. Not sure what that says about me. Maybe I just couldn’t relate because there’s very little chance that I’ll ever get fucked in the neck…at least not from the bottom up.

headless bondage

Is there a story? Kind of. In between all the gross-outs we get flashbacks of the boy’s childhood; the abuse he suffered from his mother and older sister directly affected the way he romances female bodies today.

headless boy

To break up the monotony of mutilation, there’s a mini plot about a chick working at a roller disco (it’s supposed to be 1978). She becomes the “final girl,” who gets involuntarily invited to a good old Texas Chainsaw dinner party.

headless mannequin

Yet, despite the extreme sexual perversion on display, Headless still doesn’t manage to fuck me up the way the Texas Chainsaw Massacre does. I think they needed to push the boundaries a bit more. The killer dude’s spooge should have shot out of the mouth of each head he fucks (and he fucks a lot of them). That would have made Headless a neck-fucking masterpiece.

headless bang

Headless opens with a faux trailer for “Wolf-Baby,” so it looks like we might be in for a chain reaction of films stemming from other films. Can’t wait.

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