Take a ride on a fantastically sleazy 80s horror train


Night Train to Terror is a 1985 horror anthology that is so awesomely 80s!!! The opening faux wave band on the train totally rules: he lead singer’s head band, the Flashdance shirts, the colors, the choreographed dancing.


It’s an amazing music video. The song “Everybody But You will get stuck in your head because it becomes the interlude between each segment.

The wraparound is about God and the devil battling it out on a train (and they look as cliché as you’d imagine).


The stories they tell are bizarre! This might be because they are all actually edited down to short segments from individual full-length films!!!

The first story stars Richard Moll of Night Court fame as a crazed (and surprisingly sexy) killer in a nut house. This one is disjointed, kind of like the patients after Richard is through with them. It’s also disturbing thanks to the setting, and there are plenty of boobs and gruesome gore. This is the kind of trippy, direct-to-VHS trash I loved to have warping my mind when I was a teenager.

The second story is the reason I love this movie. It’s about a “death wish club,” complete with over-the-top electrocution, a laughable stop-motion poisonous bug, a wrecking ball from hell, and more.

The final story again stars Richard Moll, as well as Cameron Mitchell. This one is all about ghoulish demon faces, closet monsters from hell, and a hysterical clay person being stomped by some sort of monster—serious Mr. Bill quality special effects here. I don’t know what the hell was going on, but this final satanic story sure is a treat for the horror senses.

From what I’ve heard, all three full-length movies are now available in really bad prints on some of those cheapo boxed sets of multiple bad horror movies. But they just wouldn’t be the same without the new wave music video.

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