Ryan Phillippe’s apology offering for the lack of gay in 54

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Ryan Phillippe writes and directs Catch Hell. On the surface, it’s a story of Ryan, a washed up actor, kidnapped by a crazed jealous guy whose chick he banged. So the guy brings him to a shack in the bayou, chains him up, tortures him, and destroys his acting career for good by taking over his social media accounts and Tweeting out a whole bunch of douchie shit.

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But really, Catch Hell is Ryan acknowledging that there are guys out there who would love to chain him up in a shack and have their way with his pretty little mouth. The jilted boyfriend dude is brutally vicious to him for sure—beating him, mangling his hand, starving him, etc. There’s even a crazy scene with an alligator and a little too much alligator butchery for my tastes—my tastes being no alligator butchery.

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But the real story is the budding romance between Ryan and the jilted dude’s nephew, “Junior,” who is often left alone to watch over Ryan. Junior hangs out shirtless, stares at Ryan constantly, tries to make him as comfortable as possible despite uncle’s orders, and repeatedly brings up how masculine Ryan is and what a great smile he has.

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Did I mention the pole dance?

Seriously, nothing else matters in this movie as we simply wait for the sparks to fly between these two. Ryan uses his good looks to seduce Junior, even agreeing to the two of them getting drunk and doing the nasty. There is little left to the imagination as Junior gets worked up into a horny frenzy and Ryan waits…unconscious.

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My biggest disappointment with the film is that when the uncle finally returns, Ryan’s revenge on him is over way too fast. Catch Hell needed one of those drag out bloodbath battles and it just doesn’t happen. I guess Ryan just didn’t want extreme exploitation to spoil his beautiful love story.

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  1. joshuaskye says:

    Well, I’ve GOT to see me some Catch Hell.

  2. Really good flick. Wish it had gone the extra mile into rape revenge, but that’s just me being greedy.

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