Remember how bizarre and twisted 1970s indie exploitation horror was?

Well if you don’t remember the 70s or weren’t around yet, Muscle Wolf Productions brings back that era with the horror anthology Psycho Street. The creators of this film clearly watched some fucked up shit back then—or on VHS a decade later like me. Either way, Psycho Street is whacked! And each story has a very different tone, paying homage to various subgenres of underground cult films.


The wrap-around story is the only one that has noticeable editing issues, which manage to give it a sort of old school low-budget charm. The opening scene with a BJ, a homeless lady, dolls, and a dude in a cemetery is all kind of weird…but we’re quickly taken into a quaint home. Immediately my gay parts began to tingle. This being Muscle Wolf Productions, they waste no time in putting meaty delicious Jared Degado in front of the camera. He’s screwing scream queen Tiffany Shepis. You might initially grumble when Jared pulls his tighty blackies on over that muscle ass, but he looks just as magnificent sort of dressed.


Tiffany, who plays a sort of total domesticated whore on speed, has other uses for Jared’s meat…and it has something to do with the basement. The strength of this segment lies in the horror IN the basement later on. Anyway, within seconds of saying bye bye to Jared, in walks another fricking adorable guy, Tiffany’s new neighbor (thank you Muscle Wolf). When he goes missing, his wife comes looking for him and Tiffany begins the storytelling. This wrap-around story sort of reminds me of Deborah Harry’s segment in Tales from the Darkside.

I’ll probably get bashed for saying this, but the first story totally brings back the spirit of early John Waters. It’s absurd, campy, obscene, and loaded with over-the-top characters at a clinic. The gorgeous muscular male patients have some seriously suspect and hilarious sexual emergencies.


Scream queen Raine Brown plays the bombshell blonde nurse with comic perfection.


Alan Rowe Kelly pretty much steps into Divine’s shoes as a lady patient with some serious issues. And then I’m watching this funny, awkward, germaphobic geek doctor for a few minutes and all of a sudden I’m like, “Holy shit, that’s horror hunk Marv Blauvelt!” Wow. It is so cool to see these three hardcore indie horror actors go for classic bizarro humor. To complete the feel of the segment, we get some no-budget monster special effects. This one is made for the gay underground crowd.


The second story is a cringe-worthy, “banned in 48 states” type of segment with heavily disturbing sexual content. A mother lets a bunch of muscle studs “deflower” her tied down daughter while she stands outside the bedroom door completely naked, giving me a visual of female self-pleasuring I didn’t need to see. This seemingly vile sex segment has an even more vile sci-fi horror twist. Blech. This is some nasty shit. Fans of the disgusting will love this. Oh, and those with fantasies about bodybuilding brothers being naked together will totally get off when one of the Muscle Wolf “Twins of Evil” (the Barbosa Twins) reveals his monstrous, ten-course meal of an ass while his brother sits feet away.



Finally, there is a freaky hardcore tale celebrating the backwoods satanic horror of so many obscure 1970s horror flicks. After a woman catches her husband having an affair, she returns to her old hometown with her daughter at the suggestion of her priest. Okay. Let me stop right there. The priest is played by one Jerry Murdock—who helped me find my religion. OMG. Jerry Murdock IS god. Those eyes. That face. That silver delicious head of hair. I found myself on my knees praying, “God—damn I wish every priest would look like that!” Jerry eventually blesses us all…by taking off his shirt.


Anyway, this final segment is eerie, suspenseful, and bloody disgusting. There’s a stomach-turning scene in which a nun finger-fucks some gorgeous dude’s stitches while riding him. Later on, a chick’s boob gets the same treatment at the hands of a badass butcher.


I’m just amazed at how this segment can be so horrific and still make my other gag reflex horny. And to top it all off—literally—we get to see a classic hairy bear hottie pumping away during a trippy satanic ritual. The conclusion of this story is a definite winner.


Yeah. If you miss the old days of filmmakers who broke every fricking rule in the rating system book to bring you a film of horror and depravity, Psycho Street could just satisfy your itch for a return to form—with a plus for gay guys. Because Muscle Wolf is one of few production companies that celebrate male exploitation in their underground films. Wahoo!

PS: As a HUGE tease, there’s a trailer for the anthology film “Closed Casket” on the DVD, which isn’t available as of this writing. I MUST have this movie!!!


And finally, here’s my vlog about Psycho Street:

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