Quick looks at modern horror time killers part 12

This time around it’s parasites in the water and a gold mine monster!

THE BAY (2012)

bay cover

Playing on the found footage craze, The Bay is a highly entertaining film that doesn’t actually have much of a clear plot. It’s more a series of clips a chick gathered together for a documentary about an ecological disaster that struck a small town on the Fourth of July…which is the film we are watching.

bay lesions

The Bay is loaded with fish guts, bug parasites, and people with nasty lesions on their skin. It’s also your usual government cover-up conspiracy…and this time it seems to be that they are covering up the dangers of chicken shit. I’m not kidding. Despite all the other ecological theories being thrown around, it keeps coming back to chicken shit.

bay parasite

That doesn’t make it any less intense of a film though. After all, people are being eaten from the inside by the parasites in their bodies. EEK! And despite this not being a “scary” movie at all, they actually throw in one damn good jump scare right near the end.


heebie jeebies cover

Heebie Jeebies stars James Belushi’s adorable son. It also features Jennifer Rubin of Elm Street 3 and Bad Dreams and fricking Marion “Cunningham” Ross. Sadly, two of these three people die virtually as soon as they appear on screen. What the hell were the filmmakers thinking?

heebie jeebies marion ross

After the disappointing removal of the most familiar faces in the movie, all you really have is the gold mine monster Heebie Jeebie—a cool two headed creature with a mouth for a belly who makes heinous and creepy sounds that seem to be some sort of demonic speaking.

heebie jeebies monster

Unfortunately, Heebie Jeebie is all CGI. But he’s still cool. And he’s the only reason to watch. Beyond his deliciously bloody kills, we have a generic story of a crazed gold lover who won’t even let a killer monster get in the way of his greed. Yawn. But still. Belushi is so adorable.

heebie jeebies belushi

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