Just when you thought it wasn’t safe to go in the woods…


If you love backwoods horror like Texas Chainsaw, Wrong Turn, Monster Man, 2000 Maniacs, then you will fully appreciate Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, a horror comedy satire that is absolutely in no way a horror film. But it is LOADED with gore and some of the best mockery of the genre and just how unoriginal it has become.

See, teens heading into the woods to party run into two hillbillies (Tucker and Dale) and quickly convince themselves that they are being stalked and gruesomely picked off by the rednecks—when they are actually each killing themselves through a series of accidents!

Tucker (Alan Tudyk) is recognizable as Jeremy Sisto’s best friend in the sitcom Suburgatory, while Dale (Tyler Labine) is best known for his roles in numerous failed television shows like Invasion, Reaper, and Mad Love. Together, they’re a simple-minded unshowered pair who are just misunderstood by snobby, educated, elitist suburban kids.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Sundance Film Festival 2010, Midnight

This film has it all—obnoxious teens, skinny dipping (but no nudity!), a rundown house in the woods, ominous newspaper clippings, creepy hicks at a gas station, campfire stories, chainsaws, axes, band saws, a naïve local sheriff, and one of the best flashbacks ever to what happened 20 years ago—a group of kids partying in the woods get slaughtered to the beats of “Pump Up the Jam.” That’s right kiddies. It’s been 20 years, and what was once a cutting edge track is now nothing more than an oldie but goodie that can be used in the prologue of a modern horror film. Feeling old?

If backwoods horror is your thing and you can laugh at being mocked for watching tons of it, then you will love Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. As a bonus, it’s loaded with familiar horror faces – everything from TV shows like Supernatural and Fringe to movies like Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon and Final Destination 3.

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