JUST SAY NO (but totally say yes to these 2 movies)

Sometimes I just need a hit…of movies about kids doing drugs and then turning into crazed killers! Urge and The Evil In Us were just the fix I needed.

URGE (2016)

This violent thriller stars the likes of disgraced That ‘70s Show alum Danny Masterson, Pierce Brosnan, Ashley Greene of the Twilight films, Alexis Knapp of Pitch Perfect, and Justin Chatwin of Shameless.

A group of privileged white assholes goes to party at a mansion on an island. They hit up a wild club unlike any that exists anymore—man, the sex and debauchery at this place brought me back to the days of raving in the 90s. And I recall it all vividly because I didn’t do drugs. Which means I remember everything you all did that you’ve forgotten, you sick fucks.

Anyway, they want to loosen up, so one of them scores a very unique drug from Pierce Brosnan, who breezes in to easily steal his few scenes in the film.

The drug comes with one warning…one major rule; it can only be taken once. EVER.

But doing it feels soooooo goooooood. What could it hurt doing it one more time?

It hurts everyone and everything. The friends end up having a party loaded with the drug. Pretty soon, people in the house and all over the island are losing control of their inhibitions and giving in to the temptations of sex…and violence.

This isn’t one of those films in which the drug creates drooling savages. Users simply give in to their urge to be hateful for no reason, leading to violence and brutality. It’s kind of like a normal day in the U.S., 2018.

And just when you think this is simply another infected film…there’s an epic twist at the end. If I have any complaints about Urge, it’s that this movie about surrendering to sexual temptations lacks full nudity and has no male nudity! 


The opening scene of The Evil In Us is all kinds of messed up. It also establishes an odd back and forth that creates something much bigger than the simple “cabin in the woods” plot this could be.

So about that cabin in the woods plot. A group of friends heads to an isolated island for the 4th of July weekend. Things immediately seem weird—and by things, I mean the guy who boats them over to their cabin on the island.

Unlike the friends in Urge, most of these kids are pretty darn likable. They have a good time around a campfire, one guy gives another a lap dance, and then…

They do drugs.

In the meantime, we are regularly interrupted by subplots involving a police investigation and some sort of sinister science experiment. While it’s a bit distracting, it doesn’t take away from what is to come back at the cabin…

Shit just EXPLODES. This film is the good old snarling, drooling, red-eyed variety of savages. Violence, gore, jump scares, suspense…the final act kicks horror ass if you’re a fan of this type of film. The nonstop action leads right up to a sick twist.

But be warned. The conclusion is devilishly political…

Meanwhile, not only does actor Ian Collins kick ass as the main infected, but he’s a hottie.

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