Is she everything she’s slit up to be?

slit mouthed cover

Another scary Asian lady to terrorize us. The legend of the slit-mouthed woman comes to life, and it’s really scary…at first.

A city is on lockdown after children begin sighting a creepy woman with long black hair in the park. She wears a trench coat and a mask over her mouth, and soon begins fricking abducting children! She also hisses one question over and over: “Am I…pretty?” EEK!

slit mouthed woman mask

Eek indeed. It’s not long before one of the kids knocks the mask off during a kidnapping. The mystery of what the slit-mouthed woman looks like is spoiled way too soon, but she’s definitely horrific, especially when she opens her extra-wide mouth. Awesome. Oh. There’s also the wickedly long shears she carries with her to snip open the cheeks of the kiddies.

slit mouthed woman mouth

A great premise, but this unfortunately becomes another cliché Asian horror film, eventually feeling like a supernatural slasher. A man and woman join forces to solve the mystery of the evil entity’s history, which is deeply focused on themes of abusive mothers. When our heroes finally reach the slit-mouthed woman’s lair, there’s serious baddie overkill, causing her to lose her potency as a terrifying presence, particularly because she doesn’t do anything freaky…like float. She kind of just stands around. If only she floated.

slit mouthed scissors

Naturally I had to hunt down the two sequels, The Scissors Massacre and Slit-Mouth Woman Zero.

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  1. Joshua Skye says:

    I was really into Asian horror flicks there for a while, but they became so repetitious, every one executed in identical fashion, that they became boring. It was also difficult for me to differentiate between the characters, especially female schoolgirls. They all seemed to be identical, not just physically, but personality-wise too.

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