If you’re thirsting for some last minute gay horror in 2020

Icelandic film Thirst is a sleazy and gory dark horror comedy about a centuries old gay vampire that just loves to chomp the dick and balls off his victims.

If only he didn’t look like an old burnout version of Rob Halford from Judas Priest, it might be more convincing that he could score with all the men he meets.

However, his drab look does add to the underlying sadness he feels from being alone.

If you overlook that we don’t get the usual sexy vampire experience, this nasty little flick is quirky and weird, with distinctly flawed, tragic characters. It also has a perfectly nuanced 80s horror vibe that manages to make it feel right out of the decade rather than as if it’s trying desperately to capture that retro feel.

Adding to the oddball style, there’s even an animated scene flashback scene.

Our gay vampire befriends a young woman who is also not having the best time. She has been accused of killing her brother with an overdose. Her mother has disowned her, a detective is investigating her, and the detective’s wife is a crazy televangelist on the hunt for the “prince of darkness”.

It’s all a recipe for disaster when their worlds collide, but it sure is fun watching the devilish delight the vamp gets out of crotch noshing. This is a midnight movie splatterfest with nothing left to the imagination, and IMO, all the scenes involving wiener are the comic highlights. They also land this film on the homo horror movies page.

Thirst is due out on DVD on December 1st, and I will most definitely be adding it to my collection.

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