If it’s a revolting zombie chicken musical, it has to be Troma


Without any sign of human decency, Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman takes on the directing duties to go where no Troma film has gone before…the inside of the toilet bowl at a fast food restaurant.

The opening scene of sex and horror in Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead is so promising! This young virginal couple is dry humping in a cemetery. She calls him the best dry humper ever…to which he replies that all the guys on the football team say the same thing. Sounds like my kind of movie! Especially when a zombie hand breaks through the ground and sticks a finger up geek boy’s butt and he likes it. Then some dude with an axe appears, but instead of hacking them to pieces, we actually see him pulling his pud while watching them! I was sure this was my kind of movie.

But the “horror” quickly takes a major backseat to the “bad taste” genre. Troma has fully convinced me they are the masters of making the perfectly formulated “worst movie ever” that fans love. They’ve outdone themselves; quotable lines are just the beginning of what you won’t forget about this movie.

So a fast food chicken restaurant is built where the cemetery was, the geek’s girl goes lesbian, geek boy gets a job at the restaurant—and the movie becomes a disgusting, perverse musical loaded with nauseating food gross outs and some of the most repulsive and relentless visual and auditory shit humor EVER. We are actually taken inside the bowl looking up when the haunted food gives the customers ass attacks. You can’t unsee or unhear any of this.

poultrygeist-poop-humor There are musical numbers loaded with lesbian sex, a gay Mexican worker who adds his special sauce to the chicken recipe (then turns into a talking gay chicken sandwich), Lloyd Kaufman in a dance number complete with mooning choreography, a musical number while geek boy cleans shit off the bathroom walls, a poultry-fucking hillbilly, a Muslim female worker who rams a broom handle up the hillbilly’s butt to get a piece of poultry off his wiener, a Ron Jeremy cameo, and finally…people turning into zombie chickens!


The problem with all this is that it goes on too long. Sure, it’s supposed to be over-the-top, offensive, repulsive, and shocking sick humor, but there’s SO much of it that it ends up getting sort of boring. The movie runs an hour and forty minutes; an hour and twenty would have been better. The “horror” of the zombie chickens doesn’t come in until an hour and ten minutes into the film! You can only be entertained for so long by raunchy musical numbers, vomit-inducing scenes of squirting orifices, lesbian sex, and a cute geek boy lead.

However, when the attack of the killer zombie chickens finally happens, it is gut-munching gore-iffic. If it weren’t set to a cheesy rock song, moments of this scene would actually look pretty creepy. I’d love to see it dubbed with horror music. Of course, even this segment is absurd, with balls getting ripped off and deep fried, men growing egg boobs that hatch chickens, chicken chicks gone wild, and much more. After all the extreme camp and crudeness, the film’s end credits offer the chicken zombies doing the “Thriller” dance. Shouldn’t they be doing the chicken dance?


Sure I’d love the movie to be a little shorter (I could go for less shit splatter), but can I really complain at all after choosing to watch a movie by Troma called Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead? This goes beyond midnight movie. 2 A.M. movie at the earliest, and even that’s pushing it. I’m still awake at that time.

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