I love me a good frat boy vampire comedy


I am having major luck with the vampire comedies lately. First I watched the rockin’ musical I Kissed a Vampire and the awesomely retro Vamps as a double feature, and now I totally took a risk and picked up a copy of Vamp U.

This is an instant vampire comedy classic! I’m so psyched that there’s a bit of a resurgence of the type of “horror” comedies that were so popular in the 80s. Vamp U is not only loaded with great laugh-out-loud lines, it also features a flawless cast that knows a thing or two about comic timing and physical comedy.

This chick Chris (the adorable Julie Gonzalo) starts college and joins a sorority of hot bimbo babes, which makes her childhood friend Fred very happy (Fred is played by the adorable Maclain Nelson…who is also one of the directors of the film). Fred’s big buddy Tom is played by awesome comic actor and adorable Teddy bear Matt Mattson, who pulls off the funny sidekick bit perfectly.


The students don’t know it, but their favorite teacher, who carries an open umbrella even when it’s sunny, happens to be a vampire from the 1700s! He only drinks animal blood, in part because he can’t get a fang erection. See, centuries ago, he accidentally killed his beloved Mary, and ever since, he is impotent. But then he sees his new student Chris, and she looks exactly like Mary! His fangs are back in action and she can’t resist his sexy full beard, wavy long locks, and mature college professor persona.


Okay, neither can I. Actor Adam Johnson is so hot! And yet he is brilliantly comic. I love a bear with a sense of humor, so I adore Adam Johnson in this movie. And apparently, good looks run in the family, because Adam’s yummy brother Bart Johnson (of the High School Musical movies) also appears in Vamp U.


Gosh. I’m all flustered from all this talk about Johnsons. So anyway, buddies Fred and Tom begin to suspect their teacher is a vampire, and the sorority of hot bimbo babes is suddenly very interested in having a blood drive at the frat house. Yep! It’s frat boys turned vampire slayers, sticking their pointy stakes right between any sorority cleavage they can get their hands on.

Vamp U is loaded with quirky comedy and adolescent sex humor. Awesome. There’s even plenty of gay humor. One of Fred’s frat brothers often dry humps him. A hot gay dude who has a crush on the teacher is sucked dry in a very homoerotic scene by a bathroom urinal. A sexy shirtless frat guy gets on all fours on a bed to show his buddies how hot his ass looks in the mirror on his ceiling when he’s screwing a girl. And not to disappoint lady lovers, there are sexy sorority lesbian moments as well.

On top of Vamp U being sex and horror comedy awesome, it fricking uses the 80s track “Drac’s Back” by the Bollock Brothers.

If you grew up on 80s teen comedies, I can’t imagine you not loving this one. I really hope it gets the attention it deserves. Personally, I think they should have gone with the DVD art I used above, which has a little something for everyone. Instead, they went with a shot that is focused exclusively on one chick’s big boobs, making it look like nothing more than a “girls gone wild” style flick.

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