How about a little off-season witching season?

When a Halloween-themed anthology series with only 5 episodes running mostly under 15 minutes each hits Prime, naturally I’m going to check it out. And now I’m wishing there were more episodes of The Witching Season.

Not skimping on production value, this limited series of shorts is clearly intended to delight those who grew up on Tales From The Darkside in the 1980s.

The title sequence and theme song perfectly capture that spirit, along with the Halloween spirit to get you in the mood, and each episode is virtually an homage to 1980s horror tale tropes.

Here’s a brief synopsis of each episode:


This is how you start off a Halloween anthology. A woman being chased on Halloween night hides in a house aglow with decorations and Night of the Living Dead playing on the TV. Then a guy in a mask enters…


A mom and daughter move into a new home, the daughter finds a box of stuffed toys in the basement, becomes attached to one, and you can guess the rest. The Halloween spirit in this episode is limited to a few decorations around the house and a clip of a holiday cooking show on their TV that seems to inspire the evil to come. It sure inspires me to take any shiv Chef Tony and his assistant thrust at me…


There’s a nice nod to the second episode at the beginning of this one via mention on the radio. This is a quickie and a fun one about a guy who gets spooked by a radio show’s discussion of alien invasions.


This 31-minute episode is the only long one in the bunch. It’s about a man trying to write a horror story on Halloween night by going through a series of horror movie clichés and having his main character experience each of them—masked killer, killer clown, killer scarecrow…


The finale is another quickie that closes with as much holiday spirit as the series opener. A girl sitting in her room on Halloween night while her mom gets all into the holiday downstairs is terrified by the sound of someone…or something…entering the house…

It would be great if this series would come back with more episodes, but considering it was originally created in 2015, I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

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