Gay Frankenweenie?


After watching the awesomely offensive gay horror film Curse of the Queerwolf from the 80s, I didn’t think I’d ever find another horror comedy so insultingly un-PC. Then I was turned on to Rock & Roll Frankenstein from 1999.

It’s this simple. A music agent’s scientist nephew creates the perfect rock star for him out of dead musician body parts.

rock and roll frankenstein trio lighter

But when he sends his burnout assistants to steal Jim Morrison’s penis, there’s an accident and they secretly swap it with Liberace’s penis.

rock and roll frankenstein sample grab

As the monster comes to terms with the desires of his penis, all the most insulting gay stereotypes come into play and are mocked with homophobic gusto: gerbil insertion; trying to do girls anally while looking at gay porn; repulsion over big fat hairy butt holes; felching; fudge-packing; and gay priests (puts Regan’s crucifix scene in The Exorcist to shame). Oh…and the monster’s penis talks to him with a big sissy voice.

rock and roll frankenstein dancer

The self-loathing monster kills anyone who gets him mad about his inability to have straight sex. He also does away with hot gay dudes who tempt him into gay sex.

rock and roll frankenstein bang

Eventually his penis talks him into screwing a gash he makes in one of his victims. Now I know where Bruce LaBruce got his inspiration for that repulsive act in his gay horror films!

rock and roll frankenstein phone sex

Meanwhile, the men in the monster’s life try to convince him that gay is okay. His creator admits being in love with him. The monster’s psychiatrist says homosexuality can’t be cured. And even the monster’s manager eventually wants to exploit his sexuality and cash in the way the Village People did! Only the monster can’t come to terms with who he is (or what his penis is), which leads to an extreme decision.

rock and roll frankenstein priest

It may all seem totally anti-gay, but I really think the movie speaks more to the stigma of being a pop star and sex symbol who’s actually gay (Think about it–Ricky Martin had just made it huge at the time this movie was released….).

rock and roll frankenstein wiener

The repulsive, tasteless Rock & Roll Frankenstein would make an awesome midnight movie double feature with the equally stupid, funny, and trashy Curse of the Queerwolf. I’m shocked this one hasn’t gotten a gay horror cult following.

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