Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island: A little gay slashing without tons of flashing


Gay horror can’t win. If it’s done seriously, it gets slammed for not being campy. If it totally goes for goofy camp (like Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island does), it gets bashed for being one big bad joke. If it’s loaded with hot naked guys, it gets written off as softcore porn. If it features everyday guys and very little nudity (like Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island does), viewers complain that it’s not sexy. WTF?

Right from the start of the film, if anyone is expecting a real horror slasher experience, they’re not paying attention. This is a purely adolescent spoof. I can honestly say it reminds me of Scary Movie humor, only more subtle in much of its delivery. I seriously laughed out loud numerous times as the film progressed, and the funniest parts were during the “slasher” sequences in the second half.

frat mass hell islbutt.jpg

I also think it’s wickedly refreshing that NONE of the guys are knockouts. They all look like typical college frat boys. Two get shirtless and only one shows his butt, so this isn’t meant to stimulate the gay male libido instead of satisfy the horror comedy senses. They spend much of the movie bickering and joking like real frat boys. In fact, they act like a bunch of college kids who got together and made a movie.

The best thing about the film—it’s all about gay guys in a straight frat, yet it doesn’t come across as a “gay” horror movie. Even so, there’s plenty of man-on-man kissing and no self-loathing gay characters. In fact, the only serious closet cases in the movie are all the guys who are afraid to admit they like going to the library.

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In short, the dudes go to this island for hell night—and begin getting picked off by a killer clown! Didn’t see that coming. There’s also a campy side story about four ghosts trapped in 1984 who are looking for a way out (sounds like the movie Camp Slaughter, which I blog about here).


Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island absolutely treats some of the “horror” moments with genuine horror film techniques so you do get the satisfaction of watching a horror comedy. I wish all my gay horror-loving friends lived nearby so we could get together and watch this one. It’s perfect for a gay horror party.

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