Don’t be afraid of the past…until it comes back to haunt you!

fe feeley - objects in rearview mirror

Do you like your gay romance scary? F.E. Feeley Jr.’s Objects in the Rearview Mirror is like Paranormal Activity with a little The Amityville Horror thrown in for good measure. It’s a perfect, quick read for lovers of the current wave of modern haunted house movies that is chilling theater-going audiences.

Coming in at under 200 pages, Objects in the Rearview Mirror gets right to the haunting. Married couple Jonathan and Eddie move into their dream home and have no intentions of letting relocating to a conservative area spoil their happiness.

But then things start to happen. Weird, unexplainable things, most notably in the kitchen. Remember how the fun in Poltergeist started in the kitchen? And remember how it just got worse from there?

The story is about ghosts, but it’s also about the love between Jonathan and Eddie and how the supernatural circumstances in their new home affect it. Even as they learn that tragedy befell the previous inhabitants of the house, Eddie begins to think his husband is just reliving the trauma of an abusive childhood.

Eddie has to decide; does Jonathan need to undergo psychological testing or do they need to bring in a paranormal team to investigate? Things are about to get all Insidious up in the house.

Objects in the Rearview Mirror is an ideal novel for those who prefer classic haunted house stories over explicit horror and loads of gay sex. Here, the haunting is not just for scares, it also helps the characters overcome their earthly obstacles. There are also only a couple of romantic sex scenes that are very PG-13. This isn’t a filthy, raunchy, perverted gorefest like the works of some authors I know (I’m looking at me!).

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