Brinke Stevens makes exorcisms fun in Teenage Exorcist

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Considering Teenage Exorcist was made in 1991 in the height of the bad z-movie horror days of Brinke Stevens, you might expect it to be just another piece of direct-to-DVD horror trash. Instead, this is actually a campy low-budget horror comedy that rivals all Brinke’s other trasherpieces!

Amazingly, the story and writing credits go to Fred Olen Ray and Brinke herself. Brinke plays a college student (not so teenage) who rents a home from horror icon Michael Berryman. Within minutes of moving in, she is attacked by lingerie, sees a snake that vanishes, eats bleeding lettuce, gets a call from a monster, and has a run-in with a Ouija board.

And then things get crazy! Crazy funny! We’re talking an all-out stupid slapstick campy horror comedy. Brinke’s sister and husband come over, Brinke goes demon on them, they tie her to a bed, and then they call a useless priest.

teenage exorcist chair

After a few green gobs are spewed, the priest calls for backup…but accidentally dials a pizza place instead. The pizza boy who shows up at the door is none other than Eugene from Grease and Grease 2 acting exactly like Eugene. Just keeps sounding better and better, doesn’t it?

teenage exorcist eugene

Brinke turns into a leather-clad dominatrix and summons some zombies.

teenage exorcist brinke leather

Meanwhile, her demon master (a pretty cool looking devil) plans for a ritual to sacrifice a virgin (when he’s not busy fondling bodacious boobs in the shower).

teenage exorcist demon shower

I love Brinke in this flick. It’s like the movie was made for her. Oh, wait. It was, considering she wrote it!

teenage exorcist brinke monster

Even so, my favorite performance comes from Jay Richardson, who plays the brother-in-law. His comic delivery of one-liners is the best! He also runs around in a woman’s robe, holds hands with a guy, and makes several gay quips.

teenage exorcist jay richardson

Not to mention, the early 90s hard rock theme song rules!

I’m shocked this goofy flick doesn’t have more of a cult following. I think it was just overlooked because the title makes it sound more like a bad rip-off of The Exorcist. But Teenage Exorcist is the Brinke Stevens equivalent of an Elvira flick. Seriously. It’s that kind of cheesy fun.

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