Boys, bears and the backwoods horror of

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And now for something completely different from Chip Gubera, director of the horror musical Song of the Dead. Actually, since that 2005 film, everything Gubera has made seems pretty unique. Unfortunately, he hasn’t done enough in terms of full-length films. There were two campy horror/wrestling movies that I kind of want to see now, because Chip just does whatever the frick he wants, playing by no horror rules or market expectations. Even, which seems like it’s going to be one of the most predictable backwoods torture porns ever, melts the mold.

The intro definitely sets a tone, with a black and white kill scene, reports of cyber dating murders, and raids on people having sex.

slasherdotcom main couple

This establishes our concerns for the young main couple. They meet face to face for the first time after hooking up online. Their first date is…a weekend at a cabin in the woods! They pick up a key to the place from the couple that owns it, played by Texas Chainsaw II’s Leatherface R.A. Mihailoff (Pumpkinhead II, Revamped, Dark House, Krampus: The Devil Returns) and Jewel Shepard of Return of the Living Dead (the new waver that wasn’t Linnea Quigley).

slasherdotcom family

The couple also has a pervy daughter.

slasherdotcom doll playYou know a guy’s straight when doll parts and boobs
don’t send him running and screaming back to the city.

Things get very No Vacancy, with the couple having some fun sexy times and clearly being filmed.

slasherdotcom dip

Any you know where it’s leading when the weird owner brings them some goodies to eat and drink. It was the main guy shirtless that kept me watching, even after the couple fed him a spoonful of some other guy’s…well, let’s just say this is one kinky couple that is into everything. 

slasherdotcom other caught guy

If daddy would just dump his bitch, he and our main man could make Mapplethorpe magic together.

slasherdotcom bound

The shocker is, if you tune out the screams, the movie is not about the torture, but the main guy’s attempts to escape his captors and get help…in his undies. Delicious.

slasherdotcom main guy still

Unfortunately for the people the main guy runs into along the way, there’s some fun gore.

slasherdotcom mouth stick

But at least the last thing they get to see is a cutie in his black boxer briefs.

slasherdotcom tent guy

slasherdotcom kneel

Our main guy makes some pretty smart decisions and puts up a damn good fight under horrific circumstances.

slasherdotcom body pile

Then suddenly, things get unexpectedly campy before a whole lot of totally fricking awesome surprises are tossed in during the final act.

slasherdotcom wrestle

A movie in which a hottie runs around in his undies and wrestles a murderous daddy bear, leading to a devilish climax? Now that’s my kind of backwoods horror.

slasherdotcom knife

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