BBASK in the gory of darkly comic Amazon Prime series Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer

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Amazon doesn’t so much promote its streaming horror series on Prime the way Netflix does, so it’s pretty easy to inadvertently bypass shows like Acting Dead and Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer, or BBASK for short. Well, I’m glad BBASK caught my eye when it popped up in my Prime recommendations (they know me so well). It was so easy to test it out because there’s only one season, only 3 episodes, and each is only about 25 minutes long. After laughing my way through the first episode, I stuck around for the other two, and immediately wanted more.

bbask chinese food

Blasé Barry Baker works at an office with a bunch of quirky characters, including his cousin David, who also happens to be his boss…and happens to be a dick…and a homophobic douche…and so fricking cute and funny I can’t even stand it. Especially when he simulates sexual acts.

bbask cousin nip play

So one night Barry orders Chinese food and scores a fortune cookie that informs him it is his destiny to be a serial killer. So he dives right in. But he sucks at it. However, his confidence begins to grow…

One intended victim – a muscle stud – becomes his basement buddy…

bbask prisoner

He bonds with the Chinese food delivery guy…

bbask delivery boy

Even his relationship with his cousin changes…

bbask shower

And, he might just have a shot with his female co-worker (who needs to play Sarah Huckabee if the world lasts long enough for a movie to be made about Trump’s America)…

bbask cousin BJ

And perhaps even with some male co-workers…

bbask cowboy

All this new social game may be just the ego boost Barry needs to become a kick ass killer.

bbask mask

Just when it looks like the bodies are going to start piling up, season 2 becomes crucial!

bbask arm cut

Check out the BBASK website here.

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