ACTING DEAD: Tate’s dying to get the part…

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Acting Dead is one of those fast-paced, quick-witted, blink and an episode is over shows that is perfect for the format in which it is presented – web series! If you watch all 8 episodes straight through, it clocks in under an hour.

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And it feels even shorter because it’s funny, campy, sexy, horror themed, and features plenty of familiar faces, including Debbie Gibson, Carolyn Hennesy (True Blood), and horror hottie Sean Kanan (Hide and Go Shriek, Hack!).

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Tate is an actor who has tried everything to land a role—including a fleeting stint in gay porn. It was just more than he could handle…

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Yet he can’t even get cast as a zombie, so his agent is about to give up on him. Seeing his dream coming to an end, he decides to turn that dream into a living nightmare. A living dead nightmare, that is.

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With a new lease on death, Tate pounds the pavement (actually, he drags it), and encounters a variety of unique fellow actors, such as a big guy who would rather be doing a whole different kind of flesh eating movie with him…

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Tate even befriends a ghost girl struggling to be noticed at auditions ever since her cold dead body was dumped in a garbage bin.

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Meanwhile, he has to hide his zombie identity from his roommate (who is convinced he’s a closet case), and make sure to take a special pill that suppresses his urge to eat the delicious slabs of beef on the menu wherever he goes.

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If Tate can just score a leading role he could clean up come award season…as long as he doesn’t shoot himself in the head by chowing down at the wrap party.

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