Are you prepared for what you’ll see in the Hole in the Wall?

hole in the wall cover

Low-budget horror anthology Hole in the Wall is all about the “WTF am I watching?” effect. The wraparound doesn’t make much sense, and the stories aren’t really stories, but you will be bombarded by some fucked up shit.

If the title immediately makes you think of glory holes, which makes you think of gay sex, a) you’re a whore and I love you, and b) you don’t have to wait for the “gay” stuff to happen.

The wraparound begins with a bearish hillbilly dragging a body into a barn. A hillbilly boy watches—through a hole in the wall!

hole in wall wraparound kid

The bear pulls the boy into the barn, and I guess he’s supposed to be telling him the “stories” that follow—the premise is very unclear. In general, the dialogue is minimal and mixed down in the movie, plus sound effects are almost nonexistent. It’s kind of like you’re tripping as you watch. I don’t even know how many stories there are, but this is what I could make out:

1st story – This gross out exploitation flick blows its wad in the first story…literally…several times. Brace yourself. There’s a guy locked in a cage, with a dog in a cage above him, pissing on him. His sleazy, dirty, psycho captor is pissing blood…then cuts out his own tongue (?). He stabs the dog to death (implied, not graphically shown) so it bleeds all over the guy underneath. He then goes out for more victims. He craps himself. He jerks off all over severed fingers. He strings the fingers together then uses them on himself as anal beads. He jerks off all over the naked body of one of his male victims. I’m guessing he’s, um, gay? No plot, just him defiling his male victims and himself.

hole in wall beads

2nd story – Judith O’Dea of Night of the Living Dead has a cameo as a crazy religious mom. Some goth girls go to purchase some sort of magical chair from a guy who gives them all the details about his anal fissures. The girls apparently resurrect Ed Gein through the chair. Ed then yanks out all their teeth, and they like it. He also abducts some other chick and kills her man. No obvious plot or conclusion.

hole in the wall goths

3rd story – In what appears to be an homage to John Waters, we meet a couple—a guy and a big drag queen. She gives birth to a baby on a kitchen floor while her other kid—a grown man in a diaper—watches. The husband comes in, eats her ass (they show what appears to be a real asshole), then goes to fuck her. They end up in a battle with a shovel.

hole in the wall drag

4th story – What I thought was a streetwalker (description of movie says she’s a singer) buys drugs from another chick on the street. She takes the drug, goes home and sits in a tub, and some sort of snake/worm appendage is in there with her, possibly entering her. She kind of orgasms then turns into a demon and leaves her apartment.

hole in wall bath

5th story – This is an out-of-place, artsy black and white segment, with some woman in the woods apparently casting a spell on a guy and making him into a killer with an axe. I think he’s the hillbilly bear from the wraparound.

hole in wall axe guy

6th story – This is the conclusion of the wraparound. The bear and boy hillbillies gut the dead body then roll around in it and do a celebratory dance. At this point, I was sort of disappointed the bear didn’t dry cornhole the little bitch boy.

7th story – Wait until after the credits. This “comic” segment has a cute dude taking a shit. He whips out a picture of his buddy, with a hole where the mouth should be.

hole in wall finale

He at first sticks it to the wall with some of his shit, and then apparently sticks his dick into the hole to jerk off. His buddy from the picture walks in and catches him in the act.

I…it…the…I wouldn’t…what…don’t…why…I’m speechless. If your morbid curiosity gets the best of you, I guess you can check it out so you’ll know I’m not making any of this up. And I had to end on this pic, because it’s just comforting to know everyone involved is socially adjusted enough to smile for a photo.

hole in wall cast and crew

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